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Best Software to Start Cloud Kitchen Business

Due to technological advancements, an increase in the number of smartphone users, a rise in literacy rates, and easy access to the internet, have increased the demand for online food ordering. Moreover, the hectic life schedules of people are also one of the major factors that propel the growth of this sector.

With customers preferring online food delivery instead of dining in, “cloud kitchen” is one such concept that has gained popularity and has taken the global restaurant industry by storm. According to Allied Market Research, the global cloud kitchen market was valued at $29.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $112.7 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 13.12% from 2021 to 2030. Let’s understand more about the concept of cloud kitchens.

A “cloud kitchen” is a concept of a delivery-only restaurant with no physical store, no dine-in space, no storefront, or take-away counter. These kitchens are also known as ghost kitchens, shadow kitchens, dark kitchens, or virtual kitchens. There is an operational kitchen where food is cooked and which acts as a production unit. However, customers place their orders online through apps or websites.

Cloud kitchens are superseding traditional restaurants as they minimize administrative and logistics costs. Because of its simplicity and low-investment business model, hundreds of people over the last few years have jumped on the bandwagon. Also, food businesses, restaurants, meal prep companies, and caterers worldwide are shifting to cloud kitchens to deliver food without the added overhead costs.

The Benefits Of Starting A Cloud Kitchen

  • Menu flexibility
  • Lower financial investment
  • Easy scalability
  • Quick setup
  • Increased reach

As we can see, there are numerous benefits to starting a cloud kitchen, and it is anticipated that this industry will flourish even more in the coming years. This is the right time for budding entrepreneurs to tap into the growth opportunity it has to offer.

But before that, business owners must know that technology plays a crucial role in setting up a cloud kitchen business, as orders are made online through a website or an app. Hence, a cloud kitchen requires an integrated technology system for accepting online orders, processing payments, and efficient kitchen management.

It becomes imperative to build a platform that can easily cater to the needs of such a business. There are many software solutions available on the market to build such a platform. However, there are several factors to consider before selecting one.

To make this process easy, we’ve compiled a list of the best software solutions that can help you start your cloud kitchen business hassle-free.

A List of the Best Cloud Kitchen Business Software

Yo! Yumm

Yes! Yumm is a ready-made solution that offers the best features and functionality to kick-start a cloud kitchen business. Features like geofencing, advanced search, order tracking, multilingual capabilities, multi-payment options, etc. make Yo! Yumm is a reliable solution to smoothly run a cloud kitchen business. Hey! Yumm enables businesses to effortlessly launch their user-intuitive websites and mobile apps for merchants, customers, and delivery partners.

Hey! Yumm is also pre-integrated with popular APIs considering the needs of the Cloud Kitchen business. This solution is fully customizable and highly scalable to meet any cloud kitchen business requirements. It provides the utmost ease of management to all the stakeholders—admin, merchants, customers, and delivery staff.

Plus, Yo! Yumm develops the platform at a faster pace at less cost and provides a year of free technical support. Being a scalable solution, Yo! Yumm has been used by numerous players in the food industry, like Bulldog Delivery, Afritastes, OYO Catering, and Biterider. Petabhari and I


Kopatech is a customizable software solution that helps build a cloud kitchen platform with ease. This solution provides dedicated features for admin, restaurant, customer, and delivery staff. It offers advanced search options, real-time order tracking, advanced navigation, and secured payment gateways for customers.

Moreover, the admin can easily take control of commission and tax settings on the dashboard, and it is designed to provide all relevant information to the admin in the form of reports and analytics. This solution also provides a multi-restaurant platform to increase the efficiency of the food business.

Kopatech offers the latest management tools and advanced features that can easily cater to the specific needs of a cloud kitchen business.


WooberlyEats is a software solution that claims to develop an UberEats clone app. This solution comes with an eater app, a driver app, a web panel for restaurant owners, and an admin panel for the platform owners. WooberlyEats gives a streamlined look, which makes it easy to manage all the operations.

It is a completely customizable solution, providing essential features as per the needs of the business. This solution comes integrated with Google Maps and Flutter Location Plugin to know the customer’s current location, routing, and live tracking. WooberlyEats provides advanced filters, document management, transaction management, multipayment options, etc. to easily run a cloud kitchen business.


SpotnEats is a completely customizable, off-the-shelf software to commence your cloud kitchen business. This solution is as cutting-edge as it gets and is constantly being updated to add new features. SpotnEats provides a web and mobile app interface for users. It supports all forms of digital payments, including digital wallets, debit and credit cards, net banking, and, in many cases, even cryptocurrency options available.

This solution comes with customized dashboards that support the needs of all the stakeholders effortlessly. Real-time data analytics is available to different users according to their access levels on the dashboard. SpotnEats also supports multiple languages.


Yelo is an on-demand food-ordering software solution by Jungleworks. This solution provides a customer app, a merchant app, and an admin panel to manage everything from a single place. Yelo also provides marketing tools and detailed analytics that can help in making decisions based on real data.

This solution provides efficient delivery management by enabling features like route optimization and intelligent auto allocation of orders to riders. Yelo provides essential industry-leading features and keeps on upgrading according to the latest trends so that business owners don’t lag behind their competitors and have an edge over them.

Final Thoughts

Since the cloud kitchen business still has a huge untapped potential, this might be the best time for budding entrepreneurs to enter this industry. With the minimum risk involved, we can anticipate it is one of the safest bids if you are planning to invest in the food industry.

And, even if you are running a profitable restaurant, starting your cloud kitchen would require less investment compared to a dine-in restaurant and would add more profits at a lower cost. However, while choosing the software solution for your cloud kitchen business, make sure it is customizable and supports the features and functionality you are looking for.

The five software solutions mentioned in this list do meet all these requirements, and you can choose one for yourself.

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