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Best Places in Orange County to Have a Proper Cuisine

Who doesn’t love good food? And especially if you’re traveling around in the Orange County, you must definitely stop somewhere to taste the cuisine apart from admiring the seascapes. There are many places where you can treat your taste buds. Here are some of the best dine-out places in Orange County where you stop for either a complete meal or a quick snack.

1. Nick’s San Clemente

Nick’s San Clemente is one of the top rated restaurants in the OC. With its cozy ambiance and awesome food, it has always been a hit with tourists. More than the cuisine, the service is very fine here. Be it quick meet-ups or a nice family reunion, this is exactly the place that you would want to choose. Soft lighting and great food, this is the place that you have to go if you’re going to celebrate your anniversary with a loved one or just to have a great time alone. The variety of cuisine is good and the cocktails are excellent. This can also be the best place a tourist can bank upon when he’s done with the day.

2. Baci di Firenze Trattoria

Baci di Firenze Trattoria is a must-visit restaurant if you are in OC. It serves Italian cuisine and the food is rated high. It has the real flavor of Italian cuisine. The waiters are friendly and there are also performances here on Friday and Saturday. The wine is much appreciated here and there are special suggestions by the waiters for kids so that they don’t lose out great food too. The food makes you feel at home in Italy, even though you’re in OC and eating at a restaurant. The place is perfect for a warm and relaxing family dinner. As it is located in a strip mall, the restaurant attracts a decent amount of crowd. Though the place is small, it is highly rated for the quality of food and service.

3. Ramos House Café


Ramon’s House Café is what it says- a house. With its cozy atmosphere and great cuisine, it makes the diners comfortable. People usually come here for a quick brunch, and the home-like atmosphere makes them linger there for a bit longer and they carry memories of this place along with them, wherever they go. Few might feel that the food is a little bit expensive however, it is totally worth the memories. The people choose this place mainly because of the intimacy and privacy that it offers and thereby, making it one of the best restaurants in OC.

4. Montage Lobby Lounge


This is one of OC’s main attractions. It is a great place for a hangout and a drink. People rate this place as a great way to end the day or an awesome place to celebrate. The cliff view and the pool draws the people here. This is the coolest place in the whole of OC where you can relax and have a good time and also good cuisine, plus, make some good memories. This place makes you forget everything and absorbs you with its comfortable and breezy atmosphere and makes you want to come back to it again and again.

5. The Ranch Restaurant & Saloon


It is a very popular restaurant known for its steaks. People also find that the service is good. There are a lot of appreciations for the cuisine, especially the cowboy ribeye. The food leaves the people satisfies and it is rated as OC’s best steakhouse. What more excuse do you need? Go and experience the cuisine at the earliest. This is given a high rating by the tourists too, as they find it worth the money that they pay. The ambience also complements the food. It is a nice and quiet place, perfect to spend time with family or to have a birthday celebration.

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