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Best New Travel Apps According to JustFly

It’s easy to recommend your well-known travel apps. Google Maps, Uber, Waze, and others are stalwarts. It’s impossible for a conversation about travel apps to not include these. With that being said, there are a number of newer apps for both Apple and Android operating systems that are coming out of the woodwork and giving these apps some much needed and, all-in-all, valued competition. I spoke with JustFly, an online travel agency based out of North America, about the future of travel applications. JustFly reviews travel apps continuously so they can provide top-notch tech advice for their customers regarding how to integrate technology into their vacations. They obviously recommended the standards, but had some newer apps worth mentioning as well.


Think of TripCase as a travel planning app and a social media platform forged together. Not only does TripCase allow you to schedule, track, and organize your flights and hotels, but it allows you to connect with family members, coworkers, or whomever you like. The purpose of this is so that your chosen network can be made aware of where you are staying and where you are flying, keeping them in the loop about how long you will be gone, and when you will get back. This social sharing feature also helps your family stay in the loop regarding any possible delays or flight cancellations. Using the app is super easy, as the data is pulled from email account and populated within the app automatically.


BravoLol is a translation app for 2016. While it doesn’t offer complete translations for every possible word, it handles the basics of modern lingo and categorizes phrases based on different situations. So, while you may not know how to talk about post-modern art of the 1900’s, you sure will know how to ask a girl on a date, order a drink, or get yourself out of an emergency situation.


For the dog-lover in your life. BringFido is Google Maps for dog parks and dog-friendly hotels according to JustFly. While tracking down regular parks is generally pretty easy no matter where you are, finding the best facilities for animals can be very hit or miss. BringFido makes its very easy to avoid this.


It’s pretty obvious what this is used for. Currency is the next big currency conversion app. Allowing you to pre-load up to ten different currencies at once, it will take one epic road trip to coax this app into letting you down. The fact you can pre-load currencies also means no need for data to keep your cash in line.

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