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Is this the Best Download Manager for Mac?

You can’t make a final choice and pick out the best download manager for your Mac, can you? Or, maybe, you are one of those new Mac users, who can’t understand the operating peculiarities of this operating system and decide which apps can really fast-track your task and which ones will just irritate you or complicate your task. Either way, we expect that our review will help you counter your concerns and select the most reputable download manager for your Mac.

Significance of Choosing a Worthy Download Manager

Many Mac users who download files from the Internet wonder whether using download accelerator software products are really useful or not. Indeed, some users have no idea what they are needed for.

The primary target of a download manager is to simplify the downloading of files. There is a category of users who don’t need this application on a daily basis. Nevertheless, there are some who can’t do without such programs.

A worthy boot manager can help you save some time. Furthermore, if you live in a place where Internet access is far from perfect, a download manager could help you avoid potential issues associated with downloading files. The express purpose of these products is to help you favour, organize and even set up a schedule for your downloads.

Surfing the web, you’ll find numerous third-party download manager programs for Mac, however choosing the best one can sometimes be a hassle. Thus, in this review, we take a look at one of the increasingly popular options available on the web.

Folx – a Download Manager for those who Rely on Reputable Software Only

Folx for Mac is a torrent client for Mac computers. It can be also be said to be a good software product that will allow users to keep all their downloads in order. Here is a look at some of its operating procedure and features.

Operating Procedure:

In order to meet its primary goal which is to give Mac users an opportunity to download several data files in one stroke, you will need to launch the application. As soon as you launch the application, you’ll see an input window where you can enter, for example, a download link. You will need to insert the direct link there and the rest will be done by the software.

After that, you’ll see a new window, where you can specify the time when the download should begin or finish, tags and other parameters. Then, once the document has been downloaded, you can immediately rename it.


QuickLook: this feature helps users overlook all download files in a matter of seconds.

Connectivity: Folx will start working for you the moment your laptop is connected to the internet by monitoring live Internet connection.

Tag System: The app is also endowed with a tag system, which helps you control data and keep it in order. In particular, a tag system does the following: it identifies the size and the type of file and marks it with a corresponding tag.

Beyond the functionalities mentioned above, the application also has a copious amount of other features like scheduling, iTunes support and speed control. Finally, Folx supports such browsers as Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Judy Fitzgerald

    September 13, 2018 at 9:32 am

    This is great! It’s working nicely. It helps me a lot especially to control data and keep it in order.

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