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Best Chrome Extensions that Web Developers Should Know

Albert Smith is a Digital Marketing Manager with Hidden Brains, a leading enterprise web & mobile app development company specializing in IoT, Cloud & Big Data

In the digital revolution, websites have become a vital part of the businesses. The demand for highly functional and secure websites has increased at a rapid pace. However, with the increasing need for maintaining a distinct presence online, experts are constantly working on the web development process. There is a rapid proliferation of emerging technologies and sophisticated tools to transform the website development process. The ultimate goal is easier, faster, and cost-effective web development lifecycle.

There are several browser extensions to support developers in terms of increasing productivity and faster time to market. By integrating supportive extensions, developers can perform their tasks in an effective and relevant way.

Know its Emergence

According to Wikipedia reports:

Internet Explorer was the first major browser to support extensions, with the release of version 5 in 1999. Firefox has supported extensions since its launch in 2004. Opera began supporting extensions in 2009, and both Google Chrome and Safari did so the following year. Microsoft Edge added extensions in 2016.

In this blog, we will provide a roundup of top Chrome extension tools.

Top Chrome Extension Tools Developers Should Know

Quick Code

Quick code extension offers free online programming courses to the developers. To get updated with the various technologies and tech updations on a daily basis, it is essential to have a quick platform source. Hence, as soon as the developer opens the browser they can receive the latest updates with the new window tab.

  • Offer technology updations on different subjects which include various programming languages, web development, blockchain, machine learning chatbot, databases, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Sends notification to the user when new courses got updated
  • Acquire information from the best online sources


The daily extension is known as a source for busy developers. It is developed by the community of developers only to share the information. Now, there are various web sources where developers publish the information and gather the information. Among them, Daily is the most trusted source among developers.

  • This extension offers the latest DevOps and tech posts to the developers
  • It is considered one of the best tools to get updates among developers
  • It helps developers to focus on the coding process

LambdaTest Chrome Extension

With one click only, LambdaTest Chrome Extension offers users an opportunity to take a screenshot of the mobile page or the window page. It also helps in fast-tracking cross-browser compatibility testing.

  • Able to generate an automated screenshot from directly to the browser of the web pages
  • With a single-click automated screenshot feature, it turns the sharing process easier and relevant
  • Supports up to 25 different browsers

Multi-browser Screenshots

The multi-browser screenshot helps to check the website on different browsers. It helps to preview how the website renders on distant browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

  • Saves the time of developers
  • Brings transparency
  • Offers a preview on 1500 browsers combination
  • It helps to verify the compatibility of different browsers


This software helps developers to work accordingly with time, in the browser only developers can maintain their working off-hours. Companies and freelancers both use this software and analyze their profitability and progress.

  • Helps to manage work assignment
  • Maintain work hours record
  • Manage time and increase productivity
  • It helps to deliver the work on time
  • Manage developers personal and professional lives

Lorem Ipsum Generator

In the development process, designing and content play a vital role. Through integrating the content, developers require to assume the functionality. Hence, with Lorem Ipsum generator Google extension developers can directly copy the blind text and paste it. This extension offers a dummy text and helps to visualize the website in a better way.

  • Developers can directly copy the content to the website or clipboard
  • Enable to choose the paragraph and title as per the requirements
  • Choose the type and amount of content

Ghostery – Ad and Privacy Blocker

Ghostery – Ad and Privacy Blocker is known as a powerful ad blocker tool. This tool helps to block ads, stop trackers and helps to speed up the website. It helps you to run a website smartly by blocking unwanted ads.


These are essential chrome extensions that a web developer should know and even if you hire web developer, make sure that he knows about these tools or brief them about it as helps them to raise their productivity.

Written By

Albert Smith is Digital Marketing Manager at Hidden Brains, a leading software development company specializing in mobile & web app development services. He provides innovative ways to help tech companies, startups and large enterprises build their brand.

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