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Benefits and Uses of Parcel Mailing Bags in eCommerce Industry

E-commerce businesses always try to reduce their shipping costs. The thing is, if you are paying huge shipping charges, you will never get a positive return on your customer acquisition expenses.

Over the years, due to the boom in the e-commerce industry, poly mailers have gained significant popularity in the shipping industry. From big brands like Amazon to smaller start-ups, everyone prefers parcel mailing bags for shipping products.

E-commerce businesses always try to reduce their shipping costs. The thing is, if you are paying huge shipping charges, you will never get a positive return on your customer acquisition expenses.

While cardboard boxes were once the only option for online shipping, that is no longer the case. Non-breakable items like shoes, accessories, cosmetics, and apparel mostly come in plastic postage bags. Thus, today we will discuss the importance of parcel mailing bags.

What are Poly mailer bags?

Poly mailers are lightweight plastic bags used to ship products. Most of them have self-sealing systems, so there is no use for additional adhesive. They come in a variety of different sizes, like small, medium, and large. They also have great color options like grey mailing bags, blue mailing bags, white mailing bags, pink mailing bags, etc.

The Benefits of using mailing bags over cardboard cartons

While cardboard boxes are a shipping staple in the industry, not everything needs to be shipped in them. Cardboard boxes need packaging tape and void fillers, which increases shipping expenses.

Some of the reasons why choosing a parcel mailing bag over cardboard is a good option are:

Cheaper shipping charges

Corrugated cardboard boxes are cheap and quite sturdy. They do make great shipping materials. However, poly mailing bags provide protection along with reducing shipping charges.

Parcel bags reduce the shipping cost by decreasing the dimensional weight of the package. Plastic mailing bags are so lightweight that the overall package weight becomes very small. The transportation cost is low, which means you can stack multiple packages with less shipping cost.

Less use of packaging materials

Another aspect is the requirement for fewer packaging materials. With cardboard boxes, you need void fillers, bubble wrap, and packaging tape to pack the shipment. And these are the basic materials. For plastic mail bags, you don’t need additional packaging materials.

Most of these bags are self-sealing. If you buy good-quality bubble mailers, you don’t need bubble wrap or packaging paper.

Eco-friendly options

Some companies might have reservations due to the use of plastic in packaging. Most businesses are opting for eco-friendly options. There are recyclable plastic mail bags on the market. There are wholesale packaging suppliers like Wellpack Europe that carry a wide selection of 100% recyclable and eco-friendly plastic mailing bags in different sizes and colors.

What products can you ship in poly mailers?

Poly mailing bags are a great option for things that won’t get damaged due to a crash or impact. They shouldn’t be used for fragile products like sunglasses, glassware, foods, etc.

Here is a list of the most common things you can ship through a poly mailer:


It is really hard to crush clothes. Unless you are shipping designer gowns with heavy mirror work or other embroideries, most apparel works fine with mailing bags. You can ship jeans, t-shirts, dresses, and even footwear.

Fabric-based products

Like clothes and footwear, there are other things like towels, bedsheets, and cushions that are good candidates for poly mailers. Even some decorative items can also be parceled in poly mailers. Ensure that they don’t have any intricate work done on them.

Some skincare and health care items

Depending on the packaging material of the product, you can ship a lot of health and beauty products through parcel bags. So, lipsticks, mascara, face masks, and other beauty products are great for shipping in poly mailers. Other than this, vitamin supplements and protein supplements can also be shipped in parcel mailing bags.

To conclude, most of the product packaging on the market has become very sensible. Thus, you don’t need to ship everything in carton boxes. Poly mailers are cheap and an effective shipping solution for any product that is non-breakable. If you use them right, they can be a good alternative to cardboard boxes. They also help companies to save money along with giving optimum product safety.

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