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Benchmarking Process and Productivity Benchmarks

By focusing on productivity benchmarks, one can get their hands on a detailed snapshot of how their firm and they are doing when the question is about productivity. It also helps you to get a clear idea about how much you are spending on overhead costs annually or monthly and what you can do to better manage them. Getting your business assessed by focusing on its market benchmark can help you improve the performance of your firm by many folds.

Benefits of Productivity Benchmarking:

It is safe to say that one cannot afford to think about improving if they haven’t measured it their progress yet. If you don’t know where you or your business stand in the market you won’t grow and neither will your business. One of the safest and most efficient ways to improve your business is to compare your progress with that of others.

Let us take a look at some benefits of productivity benchmarking:

Keeping tabs on KPIs related to productivity can help enhance growth:

Productivity benchmarking involves focusing on performance parameters of your company and comparing the same with the KPIs of your competitors. One can also choose to take the easier path by comparing data that is readily available. These can be sales on an annual or monthly basis or value added per hour on an employee.

The metrics will be handy when it comes to taking measures for improvement:

The results that come out at the end of a market benchmark exercise can act as revelations for an entrepreneur who then can use the same to bring their company up to industry standards. When a company does all that it can to improve its overall qualities, it also enhances its image in the eyes of the customers as well as the employees.

It is the perfect starting point:

In terms of taking the first step towards expansion, enhancement of operations and working on your company’s shortcomings, productivity benchmarking is the perfect place to start. After figuring out and properly documenting the places/areas on where you need to work, you would have the confidence to take the next step(s).

It is recommended for entrepreneurs to make use of the benchmarking data in the most careful manner so that wastage of efforts is minimized. Wasted efforts can range from equipment sitting idle, overproduction, an inefficient workspace and the likes. It can also help one to better train their workforce if the performance of a few employees is hindering the growth of the company as a whole.

How you can benchmark your business for improving its productivity?

The answer is simple if you take a quick look at the following section:

It is advised to pick metrics that are relevant to your business. While comparing data, if you choose a particular data point of your competitor that is not at par with the culture and operations of your business that makes no sense.

Don’t forget to compare your progress report with that of the overall conditions and performance of the market.

Use the data to add value to your services for your customers and in your operations for your employees to keep them engaged.


It is important to be in sync with the overall progress of your company in terms of its productivity. The modern way to do so is by assessing how your company fares using a productivity benchmarking tool. When one has an in-depth knowledge about their company, they can use the inside scoop to better position the same in the market and in the eyes of the customers in critical business situations.

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