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Beat the Summer Blues with these 8 Cool Patio Design Ideas!

Does the sunny yard and shady courtyards of restaurants fascinate you? How about bringing them into your home!

Summer means the days of glorious sunshine and the relaxing, breeze nights that one can enjoy with soothing outdoor eating and sipping wine.

Whether you have a small outdoor or a spacious patio or its just a cozy rooftop if you want a meticulous, eye-grabbing kind of upgrade, here are some design ideas that are full proof and drool-worthy. Have a look at them:

A Cool and Bold Seating Is Must:

Look for the comfortable seating to kick back and relax. Bring-in the bold and vibrant colors with seating and pillows to enhance the outdoors. You can use bright furniture or can mix ‘n’ match colors. If rustics are your preference, pop-in some bright colors to complement the rustics. You can also use chairs, couch or can simply hang a tree swing in your patio to have that whimsical fun.

Bring-in The Artistic Mood:

The ambience created at outdoors can be cherished for years. Use artistic designs and grab some soothing light fixtures to create the perfect mood for a special night. For more space, you can incorporate coffee tables, artistic sofas, console tables and more.

You can also dress up the space that complements the theme, season or occasion. Bring in cutlery, food and some vases to give your design a touch of dining.

Soft Hues Are For The Day:

While people mostly use the patio to cherish beautiful nights, you can also enjoy the daytime!  For bright days, incorporate neutrals, light colors and basic hues to enhance your experience. If you want to go with the décor that compliments your garden, use green. If bolds are not your preferred choice, go for softer colors to compliment the bright sunny day. You can also pop color by using a colorful rug, table runners and cushions that fit your mood and tone perfectly.

Glamorize The Space:

Are you the one who loves everything glamorous? Then show it up!

Play with design, things and furniture and you are good to go. Bring-in boho beauty, or incorporate beach designs, both will perfectly compliment your glamorous mood. You can also design with coastal vibes to have that electric feel.


If your patio has a vista of green and water, let them do the talking. Don’t go over the top and let the natural beauty highlight. Use minimal and fuss-free designs to create a subtle look. You can jazz up space by using floor seating rather than having heavy outdoor furniture.

Divide And Enjoy!  

If you have an ample of patio space, divide it into different areas! Let every nook count and make every space worth using. Use one side as a relaxing space with cushions and warmth, however the other one for a casual bar or a pet house.

To fill the shelves and corners, bring in some green. You can also use lights and décor to make space look worthy.

Get Set Cooking:

Outdoor cooking doesn’t mean just BBQ and grilling; instead, you can bring-in complete kitchen. If you have ample of space, use a corner for making mouth-watering dishes and serve them piping hot. Else, a microwave or a smoker or just a pair of the burner to heat up the dishes will also work.

Add Drama With Lights:

Lighting plays a very important role in turning any cramped patio into a stylish one. Bring in small lights, hanging bulbs, table lights, lanterns and more have a warm glow in your patio.

You can also try down lighting or flood lighting to elevate the space and to add the beautiful effect of moonlight hovering over. Shadow light is another option to emit light to a particular object to enhance the aesthetics.

So, why wait; revamp your patios and add a new life to the weary place. Light up the place, bring in some wine and get set party!

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