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Basic Facebook SEO For Fan Pages

When building a new Facebook page for your business, there are several things it is important that you know about. Things that you take for granted normally are useless on the social media site. Naming photos with your keywords does not really help on Facebook; Facebook tags them with a long numerical name instead. Linking your Facebook page to your website is great to get more visitors to your actual blog or site, but SEO-wise, Facebook masks the link.

There are things you can do to enhance SEO on your fan page, so it does pay to think of Facebook as an alternate website. Especially now that we know that fan page updates are being indexed as well.
Like regular blogs and websites, a few things you do will gain more attention from the search engines. Be active on the site, and make regular updates. Engage with your readers regularly. Not only is this good for referrals, but it keeps your fan page updated frequently. Be helpful to others and your fans and readers will increase drastically.

Here are some things you can do to optimize your page:

  • Title: Be sure the title of your page includes your keywords. You can only change this until your page has 100 fans, so it is something you should do right away.
  • About: You can add your keywords here, as well as a link to your actual website or blog.
  • Fan page updates: When you post, the SEO name will be taken from the first couple of words of your update. Make sure that the first part of your status update is your keywords and not just filler or fluff.
  • Links: When you post a link to your own fan page, Facebook gives you an option to comment on your link. If you do not say anything here, your SEO title will only benefit Facebook! Be sure that you add your keyword-optimized comments whenever you post a link.
  • Notes: While not widely used, the notes section allows you to create an SEO title, and lets you give your fans lots of information without jumping to a different site.

You should consider each of these things—updates, links, and notes, as separate “pages” on your Facebook fan page. Effectively, that is what you are building, is an additional cyber page every time you post, so if you keep your keywords consistent, it should have a great SEO effect.

Additionally, with Facebook you can sell online for free, so take advantage of the huge audience provided by this platform.

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Denise Gabbard writes often about small business, branding and online work.



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