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Fattini Clirola

NeuroEquilibrium is the world's largest chain of vertigo, chakkar, dizziness clinics that encompasses diseases such as Meniere’s diseases, Tinnitus, and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. With our super-specialty clinics established at prominent government and private hospitals, ENT clinics, and neurology specialty centres across 50+ cities in India, we are transforming the lives of millions of individuals suffering from these debilitating conditions. At the heart of our innovative approach lies our deeptech platform, which seamlessly integrates cloud technology, computer vision, clinical decision support systems, a remote diagnostic platform, and our proprietary diagnostic equipment and systems. They play a vital role in diagnosing the cause of vertigo, identify the vertigo symptoms and treatment of vertigo, revolutionising the way dizziness and balance disorders are managed.