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Artificial Intelligence and Apps – How to Make the Most Of It

Did you know that according to reports by Silicon Valley, 77% of users stop using an app within three days of installation? A Dynatrace research also shows that 47% of consumers expect the app to open within 3 seconds while 75% will abandon it if the app is slow to load, buggy, or crashes frequently. Moreover, 50% of millennials will voice their negative experience on social media, resulting in a reduced image for your brand.

These and more statistics prove that the customers of today have high expectations. Merely developing an app and launching it to the relevant app store does not guarantee its success. In fact, the demands of consumers exceed the offerings of a traditional app and require a more personalized and useful solution for their needs.

This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in!

Artificial Intelligence or AI is an intriguing topic for many of us. The technology is rapidly gaining popularity by reducing human effort and taking on several smart tasks to increase ROI of business and improving user’s experience. Integrating mobile apps with AI has enabled many companies to achieve their business goals intelligently. For example, Netflix uses AI algorithms to monitor the interests of their users. The entertainment app makes recommendations based on these findings, which is why you usually see movie references that are accordingly to your personal preference.

Another example of using AI is the detection of credit card theft. The algorithms analyze your purchase patterns and automatically detect if you make any transaction out of the norm.

Besides those mentioned above, the plethora of apps and websites contain countless examples of companies who have begun to use Artificial intelligence for their benefit. Industry experts claim that AI has the potential to make a difference in the mobile app industry that is always looking for ways to improve.

If you are also in the process of developing a mobile app or are seeking ways to improve the download and retention rate of your existing software, then here are some ways to make the best use of AI technology in a mobile app.

1.    Automation

Automated responses are one of the best features of AI. For a human, it gets monotonous and boring to perform repeated tasks. However, with the assistance of AI, human effort is lessened making them free for more creative work and solve real-time difficulties that the customer may be facing.

Take the example of UBER. The taxi service utilizes the artificial intelligence to make decisions regarding the best route to the destination considering known traffic congestion.

Similarly, Snap Travel – the travel-booking app uses chatbots to answer any queries that the traveler might have and assists them in making bookings according to their recommendations.

2.    Personalized experience

The central principle of artificial intelligence is to collect data from the user’s previous session and use it to make their future interactions more personalized and relevant. Take dating and chat apps for instance. The trend of online chatting has been around since the inception of the internet, and many users have found good friends and even life partners through their assistance. However, nowadays, apps like Tinder and Meet ME are using artificial intelligence to match up potential soulmates based on the user’s interests and geographical location.

Surprisingly, the use of algorithms to match partners has worked pretty well, and according to a few resources, dating sites facilitate long-term relationships while marriages from online relationships are less likely to end within the first year.

Given the rise in trend of online dating, more and more apps are now using AI to match suitable prospects. For example, the Hily dating app uses AI to enhance safety during online chats by monitoring the user’s dialogue and activities. AirG reviews also suggest the use of AI for its chatting apps that enable users to chat with like-minded individuals.

3.    Customer satisfaction

AI has the capability of taking customer’s comfort to another level. For example, the online retailer Amazon uses predictive algorithms and sends out product recommendations and discounts based on previous purchases.

The utilization of analytics has increased the revenue for Amazon, and the company is best known as the provider of exceptional shopping experience by their loyal consumers.

The future of mobile apps lies within AI

Data is a privilege for business owners and utilizing it for the betterment of customer’s experience is the way to go for any business. Future app developers are rapidly integrating the AI technology to their apps and making “mobile moments” memorable for their consumers.

Think about it and do tell us how your app can benefit from the technology of artificial intelligence?

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Alma Causey is a Freelance writer by day and sports fan by night. She writes about tech education and health related issues. Live simply, give generously, watch football and a technology lover.

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