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Are You Choosing the Right Technology for Your Web Application?

Web application development is not a task that can be done by anyone and companies hand over it to the leading web app development company for the perfect online presence we want to create. Choosing the right web development technology is the task of experienced developers in a specific niche.

Generally, web development is referred to as the front end and back end. Front-end stands for the client-side and back end for the server-side. And to make the web application as a whole, you need to have an understanding of the web stack from which one to choose first?

A stack is referred to as the layer that is being created when one of the modules of the web is created and we are ready to implant the other one atop it. Here is the combination of codes, hardware modules with a diverse range of generic to specific matters. It is consisting of the different layers of the components or servers to build the software and website development.

Back in the time, when there were no such newer technologies the web development was done with the .NET middleware and front end with the language and so the backend as SQL server.

Now where the tools and technologies are competing with each other, it is hard to choose the one required for your specific need. There are some specific points to understand and check with the project requirement before planning out the development of a project.

Understanding the Requirements

Talking to the clients on call and understanding their actual requirement requirements for the goal they want to achieve is crucial. Making the prompt initiation of the project without knowing the basic functions will not work here.

Knowing the fact that at what point they are being stuck? Are they coming from the frustration of one web development company? So as a good developer you need to overcome it.

Understanding the Stack

Here the stack or the stack tech stands for the client and server on both sides and it is made up of these two components only:


Making the web development for the client side is and should be the most concentrated term because the interaction happens here directly with the clients and so the end-users.

Understanding the requirement of the client will be represented here in the design and development phase using the designing technologies like:

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

Because these are the essential design parameters for the web application. In the current times for the front-end development, JavaScript frameworks are being used as the main. AngularJS is provided by Google and ReactJS by Facebook.

These listed frameworks are creating highly defined user interfaces and make web development at another phase of the web design. Because nowadays people do not want the same websites as there are already a lot more in the market. So people need exclusive products.

Building the Backend – Server-side Technologies

The back end is representing the actual web development. Because without the back end means the database creation and how the application can run for the front end users?

The server-side maintains the user queries and requests, handling the user’s data and all such things that can be run with is depending on the back end. Choosing the right back-end tool will aid the website app development. For instance, create, update, delete and edit operations. If this functionality does not let the user function perfectly, the website goes for the toss.

LAMP for Linux users and Xampp for Windows are two main backend servers. Also choosing the Python stack is the most popular among the developers. MySQL as the database is common and the web developers are preferring such is good for most of the web development projects.

Python-Django framework is known for the fast development of the projects as it provides developers a quick approach to develop the functionalities. A developer should be fond of using the frameworks that make the most out of the simple coding and major implementation.

Small, Middle, and Complex Projects

Small projects: Here the usage of CMS like WordPress is okay. Because you need to execute some of the certain functions and need not create the complex functionalities to implement.

Medium  Projects: Using the PHP framework and certain custom coding is enough to make the projects. Here the combination of programming languages can be done by the developers.

Complex Projects: These are the projects when developers need to create web apps to function well in the large coding structure.

Concluding Note: Web applications are an essential component of the current environment of businesses and enterprises. Everyone wants a quick approach. But making things work according to the technical factor can make a great output.

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Aakash Soni is the operational head at Auxano Global Services, leading mobile app development company headquartered in India. His insightful approach and futuristic vision are proven to be fruitful for the clients. Aakash is also known for his energy, which brings motivation for the team and the clients. With a vast experience in Sales, he has established himself as a highly focused product strategist, and even he mastered the mechanism of advanced technologies to help businesses. Bring value addition to your business now, hire dedicated app developers, and see your business thrive.

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