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Are These 7 Tips on Your Checklist Before Opting For White Label Services?

Do you feel sometimes you need a helping hand for your projects so you focus on expanding your business? Or do you face difficulties in finding a service provider that is your soulmate? Perfect by all means with technical expertise and understands you completely? Here’s our guide of some quick tips to crosscheck on your list before saying ‘I do’ to your white-label partner.

Over the past three decades, the Outsourcing Industry has thrived and been a boon, specifically for the IT Industry. But, choosing the right service provider is as difficult as finding your soulmate!

Someone who can understand your vision, and your thoughts, help you reach the end goal, and be responsive. The expectations are high. But if you take the entire process slowly by setting the right expectations and understanding their concerns too, it might work out well!

If you’re wondering if outsourcing and white label are the same, here’s to clear the clutter.

Outsourcing vs White Label Services

Well, this one’s a bit tricky. Let us take two scenarios.

Scenario 1

There’s Client A who wants to outsource his Web Development Project. He will approach an Outsourcing Service Provider B and get his project developed.

Scenario 2

There’s Client X who has received a Web Development Project from Client Y. Client X will get the project developed from an Outsourcing Service Provider Z. But Client X will sell this project to Client Y with his branding and logo.

Here, in scenario 1 we have opted for outsourcing service, while in scenario 2 we have opted for outsourcing as well as white-label service.

Be it outsourcing or white-label services, both have helped clients to reduce their costs and focus more on developing their brands.

Here are seven quick tips to crosscheck on your list for White Label Services:

Can We Talk?

If you fail with communication, you fail with everything. The base of any white-label service is effective communication from both ends. Communicate your project criteria and end-goal to the service provider as well as take a brief from your clients. Write regular emails about updates, respond to the emails, and surpass all the hurdles easily that are to come in your project.

Align Yourselves On The Same Page

We recommend you explain your vision, your end goal, and the entire concept well to your service provider at the initial phase of the project itself. The most important thing for you as well as your service provider is to be on the same page.

You might have imagined how efficient your project will be, but you can’t expect the same from your service provider. Sharing your old projects and references might also help them. This will help in setting clear expectations and timelines at both ends.

It’s A Match!

Finding a service provider who understands you and fits into your requirements might be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.  Invest a good amount of time in research as well as discussions and wisely choose the one that’s perfect for you. Beware of some agencies that might be too cheap to be true. The services you outsource will be further sold using your brand name and it’s very important to maintain the quality standards.

Take Things Slow!

You are outsourcing your project because you don’t want to risk it and get it done by industry experts. It is very important to go for a background check of your service providers. Try searching for online reviews and social media mentions, it might be a great help.

Ask your service provider to share some of the previously developed projects and their industry experience. Your project is of utmost importance to you and there’s nothing wrong in knowing who is working on it.

Add that Extra Sparkle

Do not blindly drown in the unknown waters. Before reselling your product to your client, make sure you thoroughly check the functionalities and if they match exactly with the client’s requirements. Your brand’s identity is at stake and make sure you leave no stone unturned. You can also add an extra element or note to beautify your project and make it the best version possible! After all, the key to retaining clients is exceptional customer experience and quality deliverables.

Are We Clear on the Terms?

Your legal contract is your Bible for work. Keenly check if all the terms and conditions are clearly defined and the right expectations are set across the table. Instead of rushing into things, thoroughly go through every clause and ask your service provider to do the same. This will help you in building solid rock foundations from the very start.

Free FreeFree!

Check with your service provider if they provide free, or even paid trials before going for a long-term agreement. This will help you as well as your service provider to understand each other better, and also getting adapt to each other’s work patterns. If the trial period works out well, you can take a breath of relief and outsource your projects for a long-term period.

Choosing the right white-label services provider might sound like a tedious task, but once you’re in it, it’s a cakewalk. There are enumerated businesses that have benefitted by opting for white-label services. Follow these tips and choose your service provider wisely!

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