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Apps You Didn’t Know Through Which You Can Earn Extra Money

You probably didn’t have the idea that there are some apps on your smart phone that are not for entertainment but are for earning some extra cash. But the fact is not everyone is aware of these apps. Here are some that are our favorites.

Check out some of these killer apps that can help you earn some extra money in your free time.


This is a super awesome app that helps you in making money simply by taking photos. You can price your pictures as much as you like, this means with Foap your money making chances are simply endless. People are always on a hunt for some awesome pictures, you will be surprised to find out how much people are ready to pay you for that picture you have taken of a sunset at the beach.


If you own some old books that you have read countless times and now you want to get rid of them, then just simply sell them on Bookscouter. All you need to do is scan the barcode of the book from your smart phone and Bookscouter will let you see comparisons of costs from at least 20 different book buying companies. Once you have got a good offer, then you can fill up the information about where the payment needs to be send and ship the books to the buyback company you selected.

Cash for Laptop

You want to make some extra money by selling that old useless laptop of yours, well let this app show you how you can do it. Simply go on the app select your device type, add a brief but honest description of the laptop, pack it and ship it, you will get paid either by PayPal or by cheque.


You will be surprised to know that project management apps like Casual also help you in saving a great deal of money, it helps in reducing failures with deadline and different problems with tea. Casual also helps handle projects and tasks in a unique way; you can plan your daily tasks in flowcharts. The best part is Casual helps in imagining the reliance between the tasks. Once you start using it you will find yourself more productive.

Receipt Hog

This app is similar to Ibotta, you can take the pictures of the receipts and get reward points for Amazon gift cards or Paypal. But the only difference is that in Ibotta you have to shop at specific store, but with Receipt Hog you don’t have to do that. You can shop at any store you like and still earn points. But it will bring slower cash as compared to Ibotta.

i-Say Mobile

When you feel the need to earn some extra cash through survey then this is the right app to choose. It is created by the Ipsos Company, the one that does most polling surveys during the presidential race. If you have some extra time, you can make some extra cash by completing surveys. Or you can collect reward points and redeem them at different places like iTunes, Amazon etc, or you can also cash them in your PayPal.

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