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Applying Effective Time Management Techniques in the Workplace

Have you ever had a work day wherein you are dead tired the moment you reached home yet you haven’t crossed off any of the items on your “to-do” list? Sure you have started most of it but you are wondering how come you weren’t able to finish any when you were busy the entire day. Everything will just fall into place when you remembered the times you talked with a colleague, organized your desk, or call someone on the phone. If this is a common scenario in your work life then you are in dire need of effective time management techniques.

Benefits of effective time management

There are many advantages of practicing effective time management techniques. On top of the list would be getting things done and getting it done properly and on time. There are many instances that no matter how much lead time is given by your boss you still struggle to turn in your work on time. Try to count the number of nights you worked very late just to prepare a report or paper work due the next day. Pretty often, right? By effectively managing your time, these scenarios would be avoided and you do not have to regularly tire yourself working until wee hours just to cram. Another advantage of applying effective time management techniques is the significant reduction in your stress level. Again, recall the times you are cramming to finish your tasks, you are tensed and on edge, right? Stress is a direct result of not being on top of things that you are supposed to be in control of. That is why your stress level is spiking whenever your paper work is due and you haven’t gone through it yet. Being able to manage your time would also mean that you will be more productive. You will get to appreciate your day because you will feel accomplished after every end of working day.

Doable and Effective Time Management Techniques

  • Write a “to-do” list – while most people do this first thing in the morning, it usually takes much time and you will end up having the list as your sole accomplishment in the morning. Do it at the end of office hours while you are getting through what you have done for the day. One of the major perks would be going how relaxed since you know that you are prepared for the following day.
  • Prioritize your work load – make sure that you keep track of all your assignments. Arrange them according to importance and deadlines. If there are tasks that you can do for less than a minute like signing routine paper works, get it done while you are having your coffee break or before you leave home.
  • Ignore your gadgets – avoid constantly checking messages on your phone or browsing through your social media accounts because it will eat a chunk of your time before you even realize it.

Effective time management techniques are helpful to everyone who has a goal to achieve, whether working or not. It makes use of every second of your day. Moreover, it helps you to feel satisfied as you know that you have contributed to your organization every minute of the work day.

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