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Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence are systems that think like humans, systems that act like humans, and systems that think rationally. In the past century, artificial intelligence has grown to become an important aspect of society. It is a set of tools that is driving forward key parts of the future, and it has the potential to help address some of the biggest challenges that society will face such as curing diseases, dealing with global warming, and food and agricultural issues.

Furthermore, artificial Intelligence can be a major driver of economic growth and social progress if society works together to support the development of this technology with attention to its potential and to managing its risks. Almost every field of work uses AI in some way, including aspects of engineering, medicine, music, business, accounting, the stock market, and law.

The following are some of the applications of artificial intelligence in different fields of work.


The Law of Robotics states that “A robot may not injure a human being, or through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.” Robots provide many applications and benefits such as helping with natural disasters by searching for victims, caring for the elderly and impaired and being used in space as satellites to explore and discover what is in our universe.


At the turn of the 21st century, transportation professionals faced the challenges of progress. They were asked to meet the goals of providing safe, efficient, and reliable transportation while providing minimal impact on the environment. Over time, electric cars and smart cars were developed, which fit the criteria. Electric cars can be beneficial because of their energy security and fuel economy. A benefit of smart cars is that they are much easier to operate in an area where there is very little space to operate an automobile. This makes them a popular choice in places like New York City, where it can prove to be extremely difficult to navigate through when driving. Having a car that is small in size makes it much easier to navigate through the city even during the busiest times.


The growing complexity of industrial manufacturing and the need for higher efficiency, greater flexibility, better product quality, and lower cost have changed the face of manufacturing practice. Because of this, replacing humans with robots is a trend that we cannot stop or avoid. The application of AI in manufacturing has been the subject of extensive research in the last two decades and this surge is mainly due to the availability of powerful computers.


Artificial intelligence is used in finance to secure and prevent fraud detection. Banks customs the artificial intelligence systems to establish operations and capitalize in stocks, and achieve properties. It helps to progress financial plans and methods to track their progress. It also comprises several customized investment, opportunities, loans, rates and fees.


Artificial intelligence is also beneficial for the military, especially by reducing life loss during war. One example is to automate long distance vehicles in different land shapes. Another is to build more solid robots that can identify enemies, being capable of making decisions, follow orders and complete the provided mission successfully.


What this shows is that artificial intelligence is used in a wide variety of ways and nearly every field of work uses artificial intelligence in some way. These were just a few examples that make up a large portion of the ways artificial intelligence is used.

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