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App Technology as Distraction-Free Driving Assistant

Image Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Report 2015.

Yesterday I went across this Entrepreneur post from where I found that a group of students from NYUAD (New York University Abu Dhabi) did build a Road Watch application.

The app is a driving assistant application providing real-time information and data on the situation of roads for drivers. The app analyses driver’s behaviour and warns them upon exceeding speed limits informs them about critical conditions on their route like road accidents or adverse environmental conditions. The team was reportedly the winner of UAE Best m-government Service Award at the fourth edition of the World Government Summit held in Dubai.

Road accidents, injuries and deaths are a worldwide issue. Every year, nearly 400K people under the age of 25 die due to road accidents, and in the United States, over 1.6K children (under 15 years) die every year.  Teenage Driving is really a Threat to everyone. Team at SFO parking suggests that car crashes are the #1 killer of teens in the USA.


So I appreciate the initiative from Kai-Erik Jensen, Ling Zhang, Maitha Salem and everyone from RoadWatch team.

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of crashes and the use of hand-held devices raises the accidental conditions up to four times.


Techno innovations are at peak and by the integration of technology with healthy living and modern lifestyle; we would probably be able to unleash the health nut. Any technology which reduces the chances of collisions and improves safety on the road is worth considering. Here I am going to list out five mobile applications which allow you reducing the level of risk and help you be a safer driver than ever before.

Here We Go:

CloudCar justDrive

justDrive™ is a free easy-to-use and voice-driven connected car application created specifically for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles (compatible with the model year 2015 or newer vehicles). The app is targeted at avoiding distracted driving and packed with programs like Twitter and Spotify.

Ben Geier at Fortune mentioned, “The new application will change tracks, or text and tweet, all while driving.”

App can be found here:

Sprint Drive First

As they say this officially, they are proud to support distraction-free driving. The Drive First app from Sprint detects when you are at driving mode and then answers to incoming calls and texts to let callers know that you are driving and can’t take their call immediately.

Link to Sprint Drive First

Cogosense Fleetsafer

Cogosense is the leader in creating alternative solutions to minimize the situations of distracted driving. The app is aimed at corporates who take a step ahead to support their employees for safe driving. This application is the fantastic distraction preventing way by locking the device during driving and sending all incoming calls to voicemail. But it requires a Cogosense enterprise account to operate.

App can be found here:


This app is designed specifically to raise awareness among kids and teenagers on the distracted driving and its significant outcomes. The app is available only for Voice on the Go members.

Download link:


This app will turn your smartphone into your driving coach. It will instruct users to slow down if they’re exceeding the speed, teach the rules of the road and blocks calls/texts during driving. They also offer gift cards to reward safe drivers.

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Shyam Bhardwaj is the Senior SEO Analyst specialized in search engine optimization and marketing.

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