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Android Oreo vs. iOS 11: Exploring the Similarities and Differences

The release of the long awaited Android operating system, Android Oreo, has been announced by Google almost five months later than its counterpart, iOS 11. In this post, our team of Android development specialists has attempted to list out the features of Android Oreo that are inspired from iOS 11. At the same time, explore the exclusive Android Oreo features that would leave iOS 11 users in envy!

Emojis get an overhaul

Google followed the steps of Apple to render some more details on those tiny faces which are considered the future of humanity. Yes, now you would be able to express your emotions effectively via this newly designed emojis both in Android Oreo and iOS 11.

Smart text selection

Copy and paste functions are very important and these functions have always been supported by Android but the smaller screen size of phones makes it a clumsy affair.

However, Android Oreo brings you Smart Text Selection feature which works more comprehensively than iOS data detectors. If you highlight an address then it display a link to Maps; if you highlight a phone number then the phone app will be displayed next to the standard copy, cut and paste actions.

The text selection feature identifies your requirement smartly as it is powered by Google’s AI.

Notification dots

This feature is directly copied from iOS as now on you would notice a small dot in the top-right corner of your notification icon.

Furthermore, the user interaction with the notifications has also been cribbed by Android Oreo as a long press on your notification icon would reveal a pop-up menu with several tasks. This is very similar to the iOS 3D Touch interaction feature.

Convenience of Autofill

Now Google is all set to bring a seamless interaction when it comes to fill user information like user names, passwords, addresses, etc with the Autofill API.

iOS has a similar function which was mostly reserved for apps like Amazon’s rather than being ubiquitous . So, Android users would enjoy an amazing experience with this auto-fill feature.


This feature was first brought to iPad by Apple in iOS 9, however, Android Oreo is bringing this feature to phones which is lacking in iPhone as of now.

With Android Oreo’s picture-in-picture mode you minimize a video and make it float on top of your phone screen while you perform other tasks behind it, for instance, texting a friend, etc. Along with moving the video you can also pause, restore or close the video.

Now it’s your turn

Is there any similar feature between iOS 11 and Android Oreo that we have left out in this list? Please get in touch with us and initiate a conversation.

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