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Android 7 : What Is New?

Android N, the upcoming major release of the Android operating system is at its early stages and we will tell you what is going to be new with this new update.

There are many things that get into making a major release. Android 7 developers who develop android apps as well have put their heart into this version of the new operating system just cannot wait to see the response of users. Let us take a sneak peek at some Android 7 key features!

  • Multi Window

This is one update we have all been waiting for. This means two apps on the run side by side on one single display. This was hidden in the first preview of android M in 2015 but was removed subsequently. It wasn’t meant for usage of public and it was never mentioned either. However,  we had seen this coming sooner or later And this is not just for tablets but is made for phones too. This would be one feature which the app developers have the need of taking a look quickly.

  • Direct response to notifications

You can now have bundled notifications or to be precise better ones. You could consider it as more info in one location. If you have more than half a dozen emails being received on your phone you will be let to view more subject lines At a time on the notification.

  • Project Svelte and Doze

These are two important features from the previous year. The latter has to deal with everything but shutting down the phone when not in use, letting minimalistic communications pass through and also maximizing the life of the battery while the phone is at rest. In the Android 7 launcher update, it gets better and can save more battery while the screen is just off. This could be a great deal. It also helps in managing the memory better and also power consumption with their project Svelte. This means that the apps must not wake up frequently when there is a change that happens during network connectivity. If you have plenty of apps which use a certain broadcast receiver, then this feature would be of great help. However, the app must be updated for such features to work.

  • New features of accessibility

Android 7 has a new feature of screen zoom as a part of the suite of accessibility. It seems to be good, turning everything on the android screen larger and it also makes it easy to use. You will see good accessibility features like the special gesture for magnification, display size, font size and TalkBack which are available while you are setting up initially.

  • Android for work

Changes have been made I’m Android FOR work in Android N. This is a system of Google for letting a company possess certain control over the work phone they provide to the employees. One major change is that companies can now provide phones to android for work just by having a QR code scanned.

  • Data saver

Not everyone wishes to empty their data pack as soon as possible. Android N includes a new tool which will help you save your data. When you turn the data saver on, the android system will block data usage in the background and sends an information to the app to utilize fewer data. You will be allowed to choose the apps you want to ignore the data saver.

However, it only works better if you are on some metered connection. Your android device can clearly distinguish this.

  • Direct Boot

This will split up into two groups while you initially turn on the phone. One group will be let to do tasks before the device is unlocked. Apps like alarm clocks and messaging may want to use this.

  • Picture-in-picture as well as TV recording

These features are getting smarter with this operating system. If you have a nexus player, you will be allowed to watch video simultaneously while using other apps. You can also use the TV recording features. You are already able to rewind and pause channels but with this update, you can save more than just one session. This will let you schedule your recordings as well.

  • Quicker reboots

Google will be including a time compiler in the android runtime which will let you consistently improvise the performance of your android apps as they work. This also implies better management of RAM and also implies quicker installations of apps and quicker reboots after your system updates.

Besides these features in Android N, Android wear is also going to have its own Beta. All in all, Android 7 is going to revolutionize the ways your apps from the Google play store work!

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