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American Express Chooses Golang

Unveiling American Express
American Express (Amex) stands as a global leader in providing essential services to consumers and businesses, enhancing lives and enabling successful enterprises. Amex facilitates transactions, rewards loyal customers, and supports merchants with innovative expense and travel management solutions.

Embracing Golang

In 2016, American Express embarked on a quest to modernize its infrastructure and design patterns by exploring new programming languages. In their rigorous “Language Showdown,” which included C++, Java, Node.js, and Golang, Golang emerged as the standout choice. Capable of handling 140,000 requests per second with minimal pause times due to its efficient garbage collection, Golang proved its reliability and performance.

Performance Assessment

Amex discovered that Golang not only met but exceeded their stringent performance requirements. Its ability to manage high request volumes with minimal downtime made it an optimal solution for their critical applications.

Amex’s Experience with Golang

  • Simplicity: Golang’s intuitive syntax facilitates rapid learning and enhances developer productivity.
  • Best Practices: Golang promotes coding best practices, ensuring the development of clean and efficient applications.
  • Concurrency: Leveraging Goroutines and channels, Golang efficiently manages concurrent tasks, optimizing resource utilization.
  • Robust Toolset: With built-in testing frameworks, benchmarking tools, auto-formatting capabilities through gofmt, and performance profiling with PProf, Golang enhances productivity and accelerates development cycles.

Securing Leadership Buy-In

To secure leadership approval, Amex presented comprehensive assessments of Golang’s syntax and benefits, demonstrated reduced memory overhead through pilot applications, and engaged in thorough discussions highlighting its strategic advantages.

Amex’s profound adoption of Golang, driven by its simplicity, enforced best practices, concurrency management, and powerful built-in tools, underscores its capability to meet demanding technological needs. This strategic choice not only optimized Amex’s infrastructure but also exemplifies the transformative power of Golang in high-performance environments. Similarly, Scalent, a leader in Golang development since 2016, harnesses these strengths to craft scalable, efficient applications. With a deep understanding of Golang’s capabilities, Scalent empowers businesses across diverse sectors, ensuring robust solutions that align with modern technological demands.

Discover Scalent’s Expertise

Scalent offering a comprehensive range of application development services. At Scalent, we leverage cutting-edge technologies and best practices to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our client’s project. Our services include:

How Scalent Manages Golang Projects

At Scalent, each Golang project is approached with a customized strategy to ensure alignment with client objectives:

  • Consultation and Assessment: We meticulously evaluate client requirements and existing systems to inform our approach.
  • Custom Solutions: Based on our assessment, we craft bespoke Golang solutions that precisely meet client business goals.
  • Development and Testing: Our expert Golang developers build robust applications, rigorously tested for optimal performance and reliability.
  • Deployment and Integration: We seamlessly deploy applications, ensuring smooth integration with client systems.
  • Support and Maintenance: Post-deployment, we provide ongoing support to ensure uninterrupted application performance.

Scalent’s commitment to delivering top-tier, scalable, and efficient Golang solutions has solidified our reputation as a preferred partner for businesses seeking to leverage Golang’s power effectively.

In Conclusion

Golang’s ability to deliver high performance with concise, easily comprehensible code played a pivotal role in its adoption by American Express. Glen Balliet, Engineering Director of loyalty platforms at Amex, emphasized Golang’s minimalist approach in simplifying code comprehension. For expert Golang services, connect with Scalent today.

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