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America Tops List of Top 10 Facebook Countries

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With over 500 million users, it is perhaps no surprise that many would like to know what the most popular Facebook countries are. Pingdom analysed the per-country traffic estimates to (using Google Ad Planner) and ranked the top 20 countries on Facebook as shown below:

Rank    Country (No. of monthly Facebook Visitors)

    1. United States (130 million) – 4.6 times as many Facebook users as the UK
    2. United Kingdom (28 million)
    3. Indonesia (26 million)
    4. Italy (26 million)
    5. India (21 million)
    6. France (21 million)
    7. Germany (18 million)
    8. Mexico (16 million)
    9. Turkey (16 million)
    10. Canada (15 million)

To continue the list, the countries ranking 11-20 in terms of estimated monthly visitors to are: Malaysia (12 million), Spain (12million), the Philippines (10 million), Australia (9.1 million), Argentina (8.2 million), Taiwan (8.2 million), Colombia (7.5 million), Brazil (6.2 million), Chile (6.2 million) and Thailand (6.2 million).

Talking Point

Did your Country make it on the list and are you surprised that the US provides way less than 70% of Facebook traffic?

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