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All About Industrial Air Conditioning: How they Work and More

The smart way to cope with the heat

When the hot season arrives, we resort to different methods so that the spaces in which we live have a more pleasant temperature than outside.

This is what we know as refrigeration or conditioning, something that becomes very necessary especially in places where the heat is extreme, such as in many regions of our country.

What is an air conditioner?

One of the most effective ways to lower the temperature indoors, and probably the most popular, is with an air conditioner.

As its name implies, industrial air conditioning is an electrical mechanism that conditions the air in a room.

That is, it changes hot and uncomfortable air for fresh and comfortable air, with precise humidity and temperature.

Air conditioners are characterized by providing immediate and prolonged comfort, circulating the air evenly, without uncomfortable drafts or sudden changes in temperature.

Through a series of components, the mechanism draws the heat from the room to the outside, using a refrigerant gas that lowers the temperature inside.

This compression refrigeration system, as it is also known, is the most used in air conditioning equipment for homes, offices and businesses.

Although there are different types of air conditioners, most are composed of two mechanisms:

The air conditioning evaporator and condenser are connected through tubes that transport gas, which works as a heat exchanger, that is, “moves” the air temperature.

How does an air conditioner work?

Air conditioners work thanks to the principle of thermal equilibrium, which establishes that if two bodies have different temperatures when they come into contact, the energy, or heat, from one will be transported to the other until they both have the same temperature.

In this case, those two bodies are the room air (hot) and the refrigerant gas (cold), transported from the inside to the outside and vice versa, through the tubes.

In this way, the system makes the air and gas exchange their temperatures.

The result is fresh air that is distributed in the room and hot gas that is led outside to be cooled again and return to extract more heat.

Once the gas has absorbed the heat from the indoor air, it is led to the outside through a compressor.

This puts pressure on the hot gas.

The pressure causes the gas to release energy and, as a natural consequence, to cool down.

The condenser continues to release this energy, turning the gas into a liquid state, releasing even more heat.

This cold liquid is introduced again to the interior, passing through an expansion valve that prevents the gas from gassing rapidly.

Inside, the liquid is transformed back into gas through the evaporator.

This process requires heat, which is obtained from the hot air in the room and lowers the ambient temperature.

The cold gas warms up again and is again taken to the outside, completing the cycle.

In the market, this air treatment process is known as air conditioning, which simultaneously conditions temperature, humidity, cleaning and distribution, all to maintain a more pleasant environment.

History of air conditioning

Humanity has always had the need to modify the conditions of its environment in order to survive and develop its potential.

Even thousands of years ago, reducing the heat of living spaces was already a necessity.

The Egyptians used very particular systems and methods to reduce heat, mainly in the pharaoh’s palace.

This they did during the night; Three thousand slaves dismantled the walls and carried the stones to the Sahara desert, to cool them in the cold of the night.

Just before dawn, the slaves brought the stones back to the palace and replaced them.

Thus, the pharaoh could enjoy temperatures around 26 ° Celsius, while outside the heat could be more than 40 degrees.

What types of air conditioning can I find?

There are different types of air conditioners, all with the same basic principle of operation but with particular characteristics.

Window air conditioner

The window air conditioners are easily installed and require easy maintenance.

They work to cool only the room where they are placed.

Because it is necessary to open a space in the wall to install it, it is recommended only in cases where we do not have to remove it or move it in some time.

Wall Air Conditioning

The mini-split, or wall air conditioner, is a practical way to install equipment without making major modifications since it only requires a relatively small outlet for the gas pipe.

It is one of the best-selling models; it provides benefits such as energy savings, design, size, and reduced noise levels.

Similarly, it will only cool the room in which it is installed.

If we want to cool several rooms using the same system, a multi-split will allow us to have a single compressor with two or more evaporators that we will install in the places we want to cool.

What is the best air conditioner for me?

The variety of air conditioners allows us to find just the one that best suits our needs.

However, to find the perfect equipment, it is necessary that we take into account both the characteristics of the space we want to cool and the particularities of each system: maintenance cost, energy consumption and how to repair that particular air conditioning if it is necessary.

The first thing to consider is the square meters of the space that we want to condition.

Then, we must take into account the outside temperature that is reached in the place where we live.

Based on these factors, we will know what characteristics the equipment we buy should have, that is, what cooling capacity we need.

It’s important to consider these basics to rule out options that will definitely not be the most efficient.

This will also prevent us from having to try different devices to find the best one for us or having to settle for what a seller wants to sell us, without knowing our specific needs.

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