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Air Cooled Chiller – Perfect Solution to Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer times are the hardest part of climatic conditions in a tropical country like India. Due to the rising temperatures which shoot up to 45 degrees Celsius in various parts of the country typically between April to July or even it extends up to September due to the different climatic conditions. Thus, using an air-cooling system became an inevitable appliance in every household as well as commercial places. However, there are many inexpensive chiller systems available which are affordable for many people who can’t afford a high range of central air conditioning units.

Chiller Types

Typically, the chiller manufacturers have designed two types of cooling system in which both of them are created to provide a cooling environment through an air-cooled chiller and a water-cooled chiller model. Another type is evaporative condenser chiller. The condenser which is responsible for the cooling process releases the latent heat that is lost by the refrigerant. Then this heat is carried to the required room through either one of the cooling mediums that are through air or water. Thus, in the case of air-cooled chiller types, the air is forced over the refrigerant lines with the help of a powered fan. Similarly, for water-cooled chiller model, first, the heat is transferred to condenser water. After which the warm condenser water is then moved to the cooling tower.

Industrial Chillers

There are also other types of chillers which are typically used for industrial purposes or commercial places. Industrial chillers are the refrigeration systems which is used to cool a process fluid or dehumidifies the air for using it in industrial places. Centrifugal chiller, which is one of the subtypes of the industrial chillers uses a compressor that transfers the heat from the water and sends to a water loop which is then cooled by a cooling tower.

Screw chiller is one of the latest technology that is successfully implemented in the water-chiller system which offers terrific reliability and helps to achieve excellent efficiencies at various operating conditions without damaging the environment.

HVAC chiller manufacturers create many commercial chillers for a wide range of facilities like hospitals, sporting arenas, industrial, manufacturing plants, restaurants and many more.

Advantages of Air-Cooled Chiller

  • Like said earlier, a water-cooled chiller system requires a cooling tower to transfer the heat and provide a cooling environment to the room. But cooling towers cause vast amounts of water, and it is even more difficult when it has to be installed in a dry area where there is a scarcity of water. In such cases, the air-cooled chiller is the best option which does not rely on water.
  • The overall maintenance cost of any chiller air conditioning systems depends upon the number of parts it utilises in the cooling process. That said, a typical water-chiller system contains regular maintenance of their cooling towers, tanks, piping and pumps. Also, the condenser water needs to be periodically treated with chemical treatment for a sufficient cooling effect. Whereas an air-chiller model has no cooling towers or tanks and has only a few parts to maintain which implies fewer maintenance costs as well.

Maintenance of Air Chiller System

HVAC chiller can be installed in the house to give an efficient cooling system cost-effectively. However, there are certain factors to keep in mind to make the most out of it. Apart from the scheduled regular maintenance of these air chiller system, proactive methods which detect any possibility of an upcoming maintenance issue can be easily found by some of the advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can prevent major catastrophic failures and saves repair costs as well. Also, these chiller systems are the main backbone of any modern HVAC systems, and it warranties increased scrutiny to the overall performance of the heating and cooling unit.

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