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Advantages and Disadvantages of Split System Air Conditioner

Split-system air-con is a boon for householders or businesses searching for the proper balance of service, flexibility, and price savings while delivering the comfort they expect. Some of the best results are achieved through higher wall mount systems.

Air con within the home has been in style since the 1970s, and of late, more individuals are selecting trendy split systems instead of ancient air conditioning units.

Let’s take a glance at arguments for and against the split system of air-conditioning.


Let us understand a few benefits of Split System Air Conditioner Installation in Melbourne.


Separating the outside and inside units suggests that there’s less contact between the indoor and outdoor air. This improves efficiency by utilizing building insulation to keep the cool face cool. The cassettes are quiet compared to a window unit, and that is why they are placed on interior walls or the ceiling. With split system installation (Cranbourne), proper mounting of the unit can increase the overall efficiency of the system.

Split air conditioning systems are easy to maintain because they have washable filters that can be easily removed and replaced. The outside condenser doesn’t require to be kept clean. However, it is designed to keep cleaning simple and convenient.


Traditional systems were quite noisy and used to be a disturbance within the house. The split system does away with the noise and is quite noiseless, as only air is blown out of the indoor unit.

Energy Efficient

Split systems are known for their dual ability to heat and cool. They are renowned for their even use of hot and cold air when rightly controlled through a thermostat. However, with the traditional cooling system, heated and cool air could escape due to drafts. Split systems do away with this drawback, making them more efficient and less costly.


Earlier, air conditioning units used to be large and cumbersome. In contrast, the interior modules of modern split systems are mounted high on the wall. They did away with window installations, which were quite obstructive as they typically took up a lot of space. The sleek, trendy styles of modern split systems will blend in with modern, minimalist interior decoration.


Let us now understand some of the drawbacks of such split systems.


While it is usually whisper-quiet on the inside, the outside unit of the split system is quite noisy. This is because the indoor unit is just responsible for air circulation, and the outdoor unit performs the other functions. If you are living in a highly populated area, you need to consider the noise as a possible inconvenience to your neighbors.


The general requirement for installing interior and exterior units of a split system is that they be placed within 30 meters of each other. This is due to the length of tubing that connects them that imposes such a restriction.


A split system costs you 30 to 40 % more compared to a conventional air-conditioning system. However, this price hike can be outweighed in the long run by savings on your energy bills and maintenance prices. There is a misconception about the unusually high rates of modern split systems. They are cheaper than most people assume.


Split system installation is preferable to having it handled by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. They can validate your warranty and address your safety concerns. Efforts at self-installation can be dangerous, and often due to improper installations, the functionality of the system gets affected. Therefore, the Split System Installation Mornington team of experts should be hired for the best results.


After a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of a split system, one must decide what suits them best. The disadvantages of the system tend to be on the lower side when compared to the benefits it offers. Its benefits of lower energy consumption, quiet working, and aesthetic appeal make it an ideal system.  It would be best if you weighed the pros and cons of the system before making any final decision.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Luke Smith

    October 26, 2022 at 8:50 am

    It’s great that you pointed out how split air conditioning systems are easy to to maintain since they have washable filters that could be easily removed and replaced. We are almost finished with the construction of our house and now we have to install an air conditioning system in it. For that, we should ask for some help from split system installation services.

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