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Advantage of Using a Dry Van Trailer For Your Business

A dry van trailer is one of the most common types and that’s because they are reliable and versatile. There are a number of advantages to having one of these trailers and this will describe some that you may not have considered.

Protection Against the Elements

A dry van is completely enclosed. This means that there are four walls protecting the cargo from every angle. One of the best benefits of a dry van is that it shields your cargo from the elements. You won’t have to worry about the snow, sleet, rain or hail getting in and damaging the items. You also won’t have to worry about the items getting wet.

This is a constant struggle with flatbed and open trailers where the only protection is a tarp you place over the items. Dry vans will keep the cargo safe.

Prevent Damage

As stated above, dry vans will keep the cargo safe against the elements. According to the experts from Hale Trailer, “Dry van trailers are the most common types of trailers in the freight transportation industry. These trailers are enclosed and protected from the elements, making them the perfect option for transporting valuable or sensitive cargo.” This includes water damage from rain and snow, and blunt-force damage from hail. Since you’re diving many miles, there’s always the chance of a rock or other hard object flying up and hitting your trailer. The trailer’s walls will defend the cargo.

The enclosed trailer will take any hit first before it even comes close to the cargo. Not only that, but dry vans are quite sturdy and can take a lot of damage before needing repairs. Whether you’re going through a risky area or not, you don’t want to risk damage to your cargo.

Prevent Theft

Consider a flatbed or any other open trailer. Stealing an item is relatively easy if the thief is able to avoid detection and can remain quiet while unlatching the item and removing the tarp. Not only that, but the lack of walls allows a thief to see exactly what’s being hauled.

A dry van isn’t as easy to access. There is only one access point. They need a key or another way to break the lock. The walls also conceal the cargo. Unlike an open trailer where they know items are being hauled, there’s always a chance a dry van is empty and not worth the effort. This can reduce the chances of theft.

Extremely Versatile

A dry van is considered the standard trailer for a reason. It’s highly versatile and can be used to haul nearly anything. Unless your cargo has specialized needs, like being kept at a certain temperature or being extremely wide, then chances are that a dry van will work perfectly fine.

You can load nearly anything on a dry van. Not only that, but loading and unloading is often considered easier than with other trailer types. Unlike many other trailers where their usage is situational, a dry van is definitely going to get a lot of use. Be sure to check out dry van trailers for sale and see what is available.


A dry van trailer is extremely versatile and has many other benefits such as protection against the elements and reduced theft. Be sure to consider this type of trailer for your hauling needs.

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