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Active Directory Rights Management

No matter the size of your business you are at risks from data security breaches; it is commonplace in this day and age to read of hackers attacking business networks and stealing information, and having a lax security network is a major problem. Think of the amount and type of data you store on your network and consider how potentially sensitive much of it can be.

What can you do to help ensure your data is secure? You could consider an active directory rights management tool.  This will, among other things, immunize the information at the outset – the point of creation – using advanced data protection tools. This is perhaps the highest form of office document security system, and is a cost effective and efficient way of ensuring security. A little more detail to come, but first let’s consider where the risks are coming from.

One factor that is often overlooked when assessing the risk of data loss or misuse is that threats do not always arise from outside the organisation; in many cases, the problem comes from within – from persons working inside the perimeter. This can be a real problem, but with ad rms software and an active directory rights management took you can close the gaps that may be there.

Information regarding salaries, personal details of employees, contracts, production schedules, suppliers is routinely stored and processed using commercially available software packages such as Microsoft Office, PDF files, Microsoft Outlook and many well known systems . These, being well known and commercially available, are particularly subject to security lapses.

Directory rights management technology means every file that is created is given a classification on creation. This approach means the data is effectively secured before it has the chance to reach the place where it could escape the network. Usage rights to the data in the document are automatically assigned on creation, and remain with the document for its entire lifetime It remains a sealed and secure unit in its own right, able to be read or processed only by those with permission to access the file, and is therefore unable to be opened by accident or by unscrupulous persons.

The immunization also applies to certain functions; for example, a certain individual may be given the right to read a document, but may be restricted from printing or saving it in any format. This is a further benefit of the top level data security policy solutions, and one that is very much welcome. Such innovation in developing software so capable means that in the unlikely event somebody happens to see sensitive information, they cannot duplicate it anywhere else.

AD rights management software ensures that you allow only those who need it access to the information you create, process and store on your system. Nobody can access information that is not meant for them to see, and those given access are also limited in what they can do with it. Automated and efficient solutions such as these will become ever more sophisticated along with the threats they are working against, so it is essential you ensure you have up to date and viable data security solutions protecting your network. The less secure your system, the more likely it is that you will be targeted, so have a close look now and see that you are covered from all angles.

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