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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Become an Instagram Influencer

Lots of people dream of becoming an Instagram influencer.

Well, who wouldn’t?

After all, you can earn $250-500 per Instagram post!

If you post content once every day of the week, you get $1750-3500. This earning potential is pretty good!

And you should know influencer marketing content is behind 11x greater ROI!

Then again, you’re not the only one with lofty aspirations.

Becoming a successful and profitable Instagram personality is something that everybody wants. If you want it, you need to earn and deserve it.

So if you’re ready to put in the work, listen up.

Follow the steps in this post on how to become an Instagram influencer. This way, you can attract more advertisers and grow your followers!

1. Define your niche

Getting the attention of the millions of active Instagram users isn’t easy. And you will be taking the challenge to another level if you don’t have a niche.

Posting content under different niches will weaken your authority on a subject matter. You will end up creating generic content that is unlikely to pique people’s interest.

The result? Poor engagement.

So set foot on the right track.

Start posting content under one niche.

This will let you target the right audience. And soon enough, you can grow its size.

2. Plot out your schedule ahead of time

There are two reasons why.

(1) Instagram users want consistency

(2) The Instagram algorithm praises accounts that show consistent activity

If you’re wondering why, it’s simple.

Instagram’s goal is to get people to use its app with consistency. And if you do your part to help achieve its goal, it will also do its part for you.


By pushing your posts higher in the newsfeed!

This reward comes with all the good things: plus points! Your brand awareness goes up, which can raise traffic, conversions, engagement, and more!

So make a schedule – and stick to it!

A tool like Later can show you how it’s done.

It’s a topnotch platform that can help with visual plans and schedules for your Instagram posts.

3. Publish high-quality content all the time

Don’t be like the marketers who have no content strategy.

So have a plan when it comes to the caliber of content you publish.

You know the kind of content that is too good to look at? You know, those highly-informative and inspirational posts?

Focus on those.

Think of non-pixelated and remarkable content.

They are the kind of posts you need to create and share!

Sharing low-quality content will drive people away — sometimes, for good.

So stay on the safe side. And avoid posting blurry and poorly-lit images + odd captions.

4. Engage with and listen to your followers

Are you in the habit of logging out of Instagram the second you post content?

If so, cut it out because it’s not how you become an Instagram influencer.

Instead, follow the lead of the top Instagram influencers.

After they post content, they stay.

They know their job’s not yet done after posting content. So they hang out for at least a while.

By investing their time in the social network, their followers feel important. And their followers will start investing in them, too.

In doing this, the top Instagram influencers want to meet one goal. And that is to create a strong sense of community and form meaningful connections.

So start doing this with your followers, too.

Don’t have any yet?

Well, you can buy instant ones. You can also buy automatic IG likes!

5. Collaborate with more popular influencers

Flying solo works. But you know what else does?


So form a team by getting in touch with influencers.

One, they can help reduce your workload.

They can shoulder a part of the work.

Don’t you agree that it’s better than shouldering it all by yourself?

Also, it privileges you with the chance to network!

This means you can connect with others within your chosen niche. And open the door for promising opportunities to enter!

So work with popular influencers. And let their popularity work wonders for you by helping you elevate yourself.

6. Track your progress

This means paying attention to every metric.

It shows you which marketing approaches are working. And it warns you not to proceed with the ones that aren’t.

Important metrics that you should track are as follows:

  • Hashtags with the most engagement. There’s no rule that dictates which hashtags to use. You can go with the highest allowable number: 30. And of course, you want to know the ones linked to the most engagement. Well, this metric is what you should keep an eye on.
  • The number of comments. You want a strong indicator of engagement. So track this metric and find out if you have engaging content.
  • Referral traffic. Tracking ROI is a major complaint in all forms of social media marketing. So instead of being the complainant, jump in on this cause. By tracking this metric, you will know the amount of traffic Instagram brings to your website.


Lots of people drop by Instagram. To be exact, the platform is home to 800 million monthly active users.

So if you want an audience that will listen to you, it’s the perfect venue!

Content marketer during the day. Heavy sleeper at night. Dreams of non-existent brass rings. Writer by trade. Pro wrestling fan by choice (It's still real to me, damnit!). Family man all the time.

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