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A Review of Recovapro LITE Percussive Massage Device

Relaxation of our bodies makes one of the top priority therapeutic activities human beings practice. It has never been more important to gain flexibility, endurance and strength through exercise particularly during a pandemic with more people working from home than ever before.

Ranking amongst the top relaxation activities is massage therapy known to relieve muscle tension, increase joint flexibility, relieve anxiety, and also improve one’s sleep quality. However, for massage therapy to offer optimal results, there is a need to possess a great massage device. Recovapro, a British fitness brand, has provided the market with the Recovapro LITE percussive massage device for the satisfaction of massage therapy needs and inflammatory diseases like Arthritis.

The following is a review of the Recovapro massage percussive massage device.


The Recovapro LITE Percussive massage device does more than what a massage gun can in a simple yet effective way. Featuring a light and portable design, the Recovapro massage gun makes a perfect on-the-go companion.

With just 700 grams the device is easy to carry even in a small bag. In addition, it is characterized by a matt aluminium composite body that comes with a chrome-plated surface and a comfortably shaped handle.

Furthermore, it comes with four attachments for the targeted treatment to help users live a pain-free and healthier lifestyle. This includes the ball, flat, fork, and bullet attachments.

  • The ball attachment is suitable for large muscle groups. It is ideal for the treatment of the plantar fasciitis.
  • The flat attachment is on the other hand suitable for all body parts but ideal for calves, hamstrings, and quad treatment. You might need the fork attachment for your neck and spine massage.
  • Finally, the bullet attachment, known for its full impact level, is used for pinpoint treatment and is ideal for the release of knots.

Notably, the attachments are precisely engineered from innovative material for a perfect all body treatment. This means that each attachment can glide easily across one’s skin and clothes. Worry not about sweat, oils, and lotions on your skin since they can be wiped away from the attachments thus leaving them clean and hygienic.

How Does It Work?

The Recovapro LITE Percussive massage device employs the vibration effect to offer its massage therapy. Through its rapid pulsations, it softens stiff muscles. In addition, using its four different attachments, one can practice targeted treatment for the sore muscles hence softening the tissue. With the percussion gun causing muscle tissue contraction thirty times than normal voluntary body contractions, the result is promoted circulation and muscle recovery.

Who Is It For?

The Recovapro LITE Percussive massage device can be used by anyone who cares about their muscle fitness. From corporate workers to athletes, the massage gun offers relaxation for your muscles hence improving your flexibility and overall productivity. Some of the common users of this massage device include cyclists, climbers, military men, athletes, sportsmen, and physiotherapists.

Indeed, both amateur and professional athletes can use the Recovapro LITE Percussive massage device for their muscle relaxation needs. For example, Yohan Blake, a world-class professional sprinter uses the Recovapro LITE Percussive massage device and even gone as far as highlighting its benefits in muscle massage and recovery. In addition, Recovapro is trusted by others including Team GB Wakeboarder, Isabella Goode, boxers like Anthony  Joshua and  Hollywood actors like James McAvoy.

Finally, Recovapro LITE can be used before any activity to warm up the muscle tissues and enhance their elasticity. Indeed, it can help reduce muscle spasms, soreness, fatigue, and pains after exercise.


Other than the benefits that emanate from the use of massage devices, the Recovapro LITE Percussive massage device offers its set of advantages. Some of these advantages include;

  • Portability: Think of this device as your all-time physiotherapists. With just 700 grams of weight, you can carry it along from one place to another and never miss out on muscle relaxation sessions.
  • Long Battery Life: With portability comes the concern of battery life. However, this massage device offers a long battery life. With an average of 180 minutes of battery life, you can get the maximum of what the massage device has to offer without having to worry about recharging it.
  • Easy Control: With smart touch technology,  it can be switched off at any level by just holding down the speed button for at least two seconds.


While the device offers great usability, there remains a concern in its use. Failure to use the wrong attachments might lead to injuries. Therefore, there is need to read the manuals carefully on the use of each attachment and how to better use the device.

Final Thought

Like most assage devices, the Recovapro LITE Percussive massage device offers effective massage therapy. The device is recommendable for anyone struggling with muscle fitness. Without a doubt, adding the massage device to your self-care routine can certainly be considered a healthy option.

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