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A New Wave of Stylish & Designer Energy-Efficient Pendant Lamps

Nowadays, many home designers are seeing the value and popularity of pendant lamp fixtures. People like the different unique designs of pendant lights made by very creative artists. They like that these pendant lights are cheaper than chandeliers and more eye catching, too. They like how the unique style of the pendant blends in with the rest of the house. They also like how the light creates interesting shadows and illuminations in the room. Anyone interested in unique lighting should look at the many choices for energy-efficient pendant lamps.

What is energy efficient light?

Pendent Light
Energy efficient lights are designed to conserve energy measured by watts and lumens. Energy efficiency is particularly useful for financially unstable property owners. Regardless of the type of light fixture, know that there are energy efficient bulbs available.

If you want to use pendant lights, look at all of your energy efficient options. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are the most efficient types of lights being made today. As the technology becomes more advanced, the costs will go down over time.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are small, energy efficient and easy to fit into the same slots as incandescent lights. Fluorescent lights are durable and long lasting, but not as much as LED ones.

To increase the energy efficiency of your lighting, there are many steps you can take. To eliminate the circles of blinding bright light, use your pendant with a dimming switch or diffuser. There are also some bulbs that emit semi-opaque light. Know when to turn on the lights and when to turn them off.

You can connect your pendant lights with an emergency lighting system. These emergency lights work only when the primary lights fail. The devices are simple to install, free of maintenance and not conspicuous in appearance. Rely on emergency lights in case the original ones stop working all of a sudden.

How to choose the pendant light

Pendant lights are highly attractive and decorative fixtures that blend into any home décor. These lamps can be small, big, basic or elaborate based on the tastes of artists and homeowners. Place the lamps anywhere and everywhere from homes to upscale stores to fancy restaurants.

Pendent Light

Pendants vs. chandeliers

The use of pendant lights is more beneficial than the use of chandeliers. For one thing, pendant lights do not require any extreme changes to your living space. If you do not already have a hole in the ceiling, drill a new one without tearing out the whole ceiling. To install recessed lights or wall sconces, you usually have to hammer down the walls. The time and effort required to make this installation may not be worth it.

Pendant lighting fixtures are not big and elegant like chandeliers, but they are made with many more creative designs. If space is an issue, the smaller fixtures are easier to install and place in a small room. If cost is a problem, avoid buying the chandelier that is more expensive. When you use mini pendants, you have more room to place furniture, tables and other items.

Hanging cords

Hang your pendant lights from ceilings using chains, rods or strings. No matter what you use to hang them with, know that you can hang them anywhere. If you use the lights in a public area, such as a restaurant or warehouse, you must provide enough light for everyone.

You can buy a pendant lamp with an adjustable height cord. Tug on a pulley whenever you need closer views for reading or vegetable chopping. Push the cord back up so that it resumes to its original position.


It is not difficult to understand why so many people find these lamps appealing. The pendant lights enliven any room regardless of what it looks like. The items are sold in a large variety of styles. You do not have to buy anything too fancy – you can buy the most basic look for the simplest rooms.


Pendant lamps come in a large variety of materials: glass, brass, steel, gold, silver, bronze, porcelain and more. The materials are made in different colors, shades and patterns. Find a wide range of styles, but pay particular attention to the color of the light. As a decorative element, color is more powerful than you think. The shade and intensity of the color affects the whole atmosphere of the room. Whether you do task or accent lighting, knowing the right color to buy is important.


Decide the right kind of shade for your pendant lamps. Choose one that is as dark, light, cloudy or transparent as you want. The clearest shade is made of glass, and the darkest shade is usually black. You can also buy a wire or porcelain shade.

You control how the bulb is placed within the shade. An open top allows the lamplight to flood the ceiling. You can place the bulb right in the center of the shade. You can cover the bulb or expose it completely in a clear shade.

Single vs. mini pendants

You can buy one big pendant or a collection of mini pendants that hang in clusters. The artist is the main person in charge of creating this type of design. However, there is no limit to the designs available to you as a consumer. There are websites that provide customization options for people.

Where to hang the light

The kitchen and dining room are the best places to hang pendant lights. Add a lamp as a beautiful addition to every room downstairs. Create different illumination effects for every room. Upgrade the tone and atmosphere in your favorite rooms in the house.

Outdoor settings

Even if you have done outdoor patio lighting before, you may not have heard of outdoor pendant lighting. It is an innovative form of lighting that everyone will notice and love. These fixtures transform the entire outdoor appearance of your patio or yard.

You can do outdoor solar lighting that provides the best energy efficiency. To charge up the batteries, place these lights in the sunniest areas outside. Turn the lamps facing the sun and not covered in shaded areas. There may not be enough power available on dim days, but you can still get something out of solar pendant lights. Your lamps will look stylish and work cleanly for the environment.

In the past, lights were used mainly to provide security, not decoration. Nowadays, there has been a complete shift in the ways that indoor and outdoor lighting work. In addition to providing home security, pendant lights are used to create a colorful and attractive environment.

How to hang the pendant light

It is crucial that you know exactly how to hang your pendant light. If you hang it too high, the light illuminates too much space. If you hang it too low, the light does not illuminate enough space. This light is usually dispersed over a kitchen counter or island. Consider the amount of space that you want to brighten and the tolerable level of brightness. Determine the right height based on the ceiling height, the room size and the pendant size. Once you take the proper precautions, it is not too difficult to hang a pendant lamp correctly.

Hanging Light
Pendant lights, also known as drop lights, are hung from the ceiling with chains or cords. There are different wires in different colors that must be dealt with properly. You must know where to place each wire and what it does. Put your light fixture together based on manufacturer instructions.

If you already have a recessed light fixture, know how to transform it into a hanging light. It takes a good converter and at least an hour of your time to get the work done. You do not need to be a master electrician, but understand the basics, which include turning off the electricity as you make an installation.

Modern & stylish pendant light designs

Modern pendant lights

Transform the style and elegance of your home with the placement of modern pendant lights. Hang a single pendant from the ceiling or a cluster of pendants. Change the tone and atmosphere of the room instantly. You can buy a glass dome pendant or rectangular chrome one that usually includes custom options. There are endless options to the kinds of pendant lights you can buy.

Black glass pendant lights

There are black glass pendants that suit any bright or dimly lit room. The style is sleek and simple for the less decorative homeowner. The black-colored design fits into any room from the kitchen to the bedroom.


Stalasso is another sleek design made of fine glass or wood. This fixture resembles the shape and form of seedpods and stalactite dripstones. The shape imitates a drop of water dripping from a rock. The diffused light creates interesting shadows around the room.

Louis Poulsen Aeros pendant lamp

The main feature of the Aeros lamp is the distinctive Fibonacci pattern. This pattern creates an interesting display of shadows when the lights are turned off. The intricate and elegant design is guaranteed to impress any guest.

Cilandro pendant lights

These pendant lights are simple yet elegant and impressive. The holes emit light throughout the long fixture. The pendants come in a variety of bright colors that brighten a gloomy room.

Crown pendant

Crown pendant lamps are created in the shape of royal crowns. Some designs have openings that emit light, which can appear in any color. Also, there are woven cord pendant lamps that look like crowns, but remind you more of woven hanging baskets.

The Buda 3 light pendant

The Buda 3 light pendant in satin chrome finish consists of candle bulbs placed in clear glass shade enclosures. You choose how high or low the pendant hangs by manipulation of the cord. These lamps are ideal for all types of uses from task to ambient lighting.

The Marionette lamp

Object has created the Marionette Lamp that is sleek and covered with triangular designs. The geometric shapes are simple, classy and artistic all at once. Choose the red, black or tan color that suits you.

Possini Euro 24” wide modern chrome pendant light

The Possini pendant is a sphere made of spiraled metal strips. The design looks like a ribbon, but it is made out of chrome. Anyone can hang this decorative sphere over a kitchen or living room table.

Stylish & new idea of pendant light

Plumen is only one company that makes the drop top lamp shade pendant light. This lamp hangs down from the ceiling as if it is being dropped. The Plumen lamp resembles a round beaker that is usually made of glass and comes in different colors.

AfroditiKrassa’s Pentagon pendant resembles a light bulb containing a clear, bright light inside. The glass casing is tinted and mirrored for a shiny and reflective effect. The casing panels are made in rose, bronze and black colors.

Denise Hechinger has a Skylight pendant design that looks like a miniature planetarium. It is a glass dome with astronomical patterns all over it and a LED light placed on top. Hechinger will create any design or pattern you want on the surface.

Alvaro Uribe has created a series of drop lights known as the Iceberg lights. The lights are made in three different sizes. The bulbs are placed in a glass enclosure that looks like they are floating in air. The lights can hang separately or hang in a cluster like a chandelier.

Discover the unique designs of pendant lamps

Pendant lights are similar to artistic sculptures that hang from the ceiling. These lights are not suitable for bright lighting that is usually found on desks. The style is good for ambient lighting that provides a dim illumination for the room. It is good for task lighting if the fixture hangs low enough. In order to hang the lamp correctly, you must choose the right height from the ceiling to the table. Rest assured that when it comes to pendant lighting, you have plenty of standard options and custom ones available to you.

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