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A Millenial Guide in Acing Your Interview

All of your hard work in getting the credentials, in crafting the perfect resume and in searching high and low for job openings are leading up to this—your job interview.

All of your hard work in getting the credentials, in crafting the perfect resume and in searching high and low for job openings are leading up to this—your job interview.

You gotta do it right. Being a millennial might give you a boost. You only have to use it to its full potential.

Here are some tips that can help you to ace your interview:

1. Craft the perfect resume.

Your resume, while it’s not the summary of your profile can say a lot about you. Here, you can showcase your work experience, skills, and education. And of course, as per as the trend, there is a surge of visually-enticing resume from the millennial workforce. So, get yourself one that goes along with your desired career.

2. Read the atmosphere.

You need to be observant. You need to feel out the atmosphere. If your interviewer seems calm and sharp, then you better forget your chatty side. But, if its the opposite, that your interview seems to be on the friendlier side, make sure to highlight your quirky social animal side.

3. Comply to dress code.

Dress code is essential to ace your interview. Dress accordingly on your interview. It’s recommended to always pick a semi-formal dress if you don’t know the right guidelines.

4. Avoid saying unnecessary opinions.

Millenial is known to be outspoken. However,  leave that attitude on your interview day. Your interview doesn’t need ot know what your views on politics, morality and such.

5. Be attentive.

Let them know you’re in there — that you’re being attentive as you can be. You can do this by:

  • Making eye contact
  • Not looking at your phone.
  • Using names correctly.

6. Be cautious in telling your career plan.

All companies need commitment and devotion. Which is why there is always the question of your future plans in any interviews. Tread lightly. If you have a larger scale plan on your career, make sure to not let it make you appear uncommitted to the job you’re applying. Don’t say that you view the job as a stepping stone or a platform for you. It’s the best way for your resume to be discarded.

7. Don’t bad mouth your past employer.

Your work experience is important in interviews. At some point, you will have to tell a little about it. No worries! Always remember to make your answer simple and humble. Don’t even dream of bad-mouthing your past employers. If you’re fired or along the lines, make sure to admit why. Shifting the blame to others will make you appear callous or rude. This can definitely put off your interviewer.

8. Be positive.

Once you’re faced with the classic. “What’s your weaknesses?” You know you can’t sell yourself short. After all, the interview is showcasing your greatness. But what to do now? Well, there is one way around this: make your weakness appear in a better light. Say, you can say your weakness is you rely too much on technology. This can be a weakness to others, but there are companies that like their employees to be tech-savvy. This way, you might win golden points.

Still lost where to apply? You can give Walmart careers a try but first, you can check out their job application guide here.

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