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A Look at Air Mouse Voice: The World’s First Wireless Mouse + Voice Control

The mouse generally hasn’t changed for years. First, it was ones with the tracking ball on the bottom that you had to clean frequently, and then came those that used an optical device to determine their movements. While the average mouse is specifically designed for use on a traditional computer, Gyration – a division of SMK Electronics Corporation USA – has decided to change the game. Simply put, Gyration’s wireless mouse product, also known as the Air Mouse Voice, is suitable for use on the desktop as well as on multimedia boards and presentations that involve slides. This makes the Air Mouse Voice a kind of like a slide clicker and a mouse all at once, allowing users to move it around and also use it for multiple applications.


The wireless mouse itself looks ‘regular’. Indeed it doesn’t look like it’s anything fancy, however, it is. In general, it is compatible with both Microsoft OS X and Windows. This is a plus considering many similar products in the computer world are specific to one or the other. Furthermore, in order to determine movement, it is motion sensitive for handheld use and a fabulous desktop mouse as well. Connection is through Bluetooth and it can work up to 70 feet  (21 metres) away.

Plus the main, and probably the most fabulous part of this would be the voice-enabled screen effects. This means it can be programmed to do what you want and select different options with the sound of your voice. This innovation is what sets this mouse apart from its counterparts. In addition to the voice commands it’s also programmable for different hand gestures and has assignable buttons. What this does for you is enables the user to personalise it to work for them, not generically with unnatural movements. These are all customizable through and on-screen menu on the computer which allows you to select and change its functionality easily.

In addition to the voice commands, the Air Mouse Voice is also programmable for different hand-gestures and has assignable buttons. What this does for you is that it enables the user to personalise it to work for them, not generically with unnatural movements. This customisation is possible through an on-screen menu on the computer which allows users to select and change its functionality easily.

Some of the awesome things it can do

If you are a professor or a business person who does presentations, this mouse is for you. Instead of having to stand at your computer and not move around and interact with the students or partners, you can now move around as you choose and use your mouse in the most innovative way possible. With the ability to be used mid-air, Gyration’s Air Mouse Voice can go from a desktop to a handheld device instantly and seamlessly without distracting anyone.

For presentations, you no longer need a separate ‘clicker’, you only need your voice mouse. It easily controls PowerPoint and Keynote slides with zoom, highlight, annotation functionalities.

Although the Air Mouse Voice requires no software for normal desktop or in-air operation, Gyration includes its newly-designed MotionTools® Software to provide voice command capability, mouse button customisation, and a large library of screen tools and effects.

By incorporating voice recognition, streaming from a PC to a screen has never been easier. Users can simply control a presentation, compose an email or save user profiles from across the room with their voice.


For £99, Gyration’s new wireless Air Mouse Voice could be the only piece of hardware that you are going to need when you are standing up there trying to change the world or teaching others how to do it.

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