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A Comprehensive Guide to AI Engineer Salaries Worldwide in 2023

Discover the lucrative world of AI engineering and how much you can earn in this booming field. Our article breaks down the real worth of AI talent and provides insights into the potential salaries for AI engineers.

Gone are the days when mechanical or civil engineering was in high demand. Now, it is the time for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Though the word was coined in 1955, it has gained immense popularity in recent times. What used to be the imagination or stories in movies can be experienced in reality now. And it is the Artificial Intelligence Engineers who are converting this imagination into reality. Companies are looking for trained and certified artificial intelligence engineers to join their teams and power their decision-making. And this makes Artificial intelligence engineering one of the most lucrative and high-paying jobs. But what do AI engineers do, the requisite engineering skills, and how much do they earn? This blog content would bring you the exact explanation.

Who is an AI Engineer?

An AI Engineer is a computer science graduate who has backed their qualifications with credible AI certifications. Any student or professional can learn AI by doing courses and certifications to become a certified professional.

An Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AIE) possesses skills in Machine learning algorithms and models. They are well-versed in programming languages such as python. Mathematics, physics, and statistical skills help with designing and solving AI models. AI Engineer job roles include AI data scientists, data analysts, Machine learning engineers, business intelligence developers, etc.

What is the Average Salary of an AI Engineer?

If we look at the statistics available on Glassdoor, the average salary of artificial intelligence engineers in different countries is as follows:

  • USA – $120,000 (Range 79k to 200k)
  • United Kingdom – £51,518 (30k to 90k)
  • Canada – CA$1,01,382 (73k to 140k)
  • China – CN¥3,14,440
  • Japan – JP¥51L
  • India – Rs. 9,70,000 (Range 5 to 20 Lac)
  • Australia – A$96,000

Looking at the average salary, we can understand how demanding and lucrative the artificial intelligence engineer job is.

Salary of AI Engineers depending upon Experience

From entry to experienced level, remuneration for the role varies. If we talk about the salaries of certified artificial intelligence engineers in the USA by experience, it looks like this:

Salary of AI Engineers by experience
Level Experience Salary (in $ Per Annum)
Entry 2-4 years 136,047
Senior 5 to 7 years 167,790
Lead 5 to 10 years 155,021

Similarly, depending on experience, the salary of professionals with different AI engineer skills would vary.

Salary of AI Engineers based on Industry

Companies in tech, finance, and research industries have dedicated job roles for certified artificial intelligence engineers. Their dependence on data, interpretation, and analysis requires highly skilled and efficient Artificial Intelligence engineers to work it through. With higher demand for such professionals comes higher remuneration. Whereas in industries, such as publication or retail, where AI is still not popular and companies don’t rely on AI, they usually offer a lower package to their AI engineers.

Salary of AI Engineers by Location

Not only the geographical location across continents, but the salaries of these engineers can vary depending on location within a country as well. While the salary of a certified AI engineer in Silicon Valley is expected to be higher, it will be lesser in the outskirt regions.

Salary of AI Engineers across the USA
California $136,000
New York $123,937
Texas $105,660
Colorado $150,000
Illinois $107,529

Source – Glassdoor

Future of AI Engineers- Opportunities and salaries

If we look at the market size for AI engineers’ job roles, then it is around $8 Billion. According to Emeritus, it is expected to grow at a rate of 35% from 2023 to 2032. Therefore, we can conclude a career in Artificial Intelligence engineering roles has a bright future with lucrative salaries.

Highest Paying Companies for AI Engineers

We know the future of certified AI professionals with the right AI engineer certifications is bright, but at present also many companies pay a huge remuneration to professionals with the requisite skills.

Top Highest Paying companies for AI Engineers (Average Salary)
Google $105,557
Meta $176,428
IBM $158,748
Stripe $300,000
BNY Mellon $300,000
Apple $181,000

Source – Glassdoor

Tips on how AI Engineers can earn more

Although the position of an AI Engineer already pays more than other job roles, the candidates need to be proficient and amply skilled to grab the highest-paying opportunities. Here are a few tips to earn more as an AI Engineer in your career:

  • Grace your portfolio with the best AI certifications around the world
  • Earn the basic educational qualifications in STEM subjects (bachelor’s or master’s degree)
  • Negotiate your way up the remuneration ladder


A career in the field of AI engineering is highly promising and rewarding as well. If you are dedicated to making your career in this field then it’s time to gear up. Equip yourself with top certification in an artificial intelligence engineering course, upgrade your skills, reach out to top companies, and move ahead.

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