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A Complete Travel Guide to Shikara Rides in Kashmir Dal Lake

Kashmir is known for its iconic Dal Lake and its Shikara ride on it. A travel guide to Shikara rides in Kashmir is given here.

For seeking a charming experience in Kashmir, go for a Shikara ride on Dal Lake. Here is a travel guide to Shikara rides in Kashmir is given to guide you further.

Having snowy mountains and lush valleys, Dal Lake is known as the jewel of Kashmir. Planning a Kashmir tour package from Surat for a memorable Shikara ride is the perfect option. With this, you can meanwhile explore the natural beauty and serenity of this stunning region.

Getting to Kashmir

To embark on your journey from Surat to Kashmir, the most convenient way is by flight. You can further take a flight from Surat Airport to Srinagar International Airport. Several airlines operate daily flights, making it easy to reach your destination.

After that, you will reach Srinagar. You can hire a taxi from the airport. You can also arrange for a prearranged transfer to a hotel or houseboat near Dal Lake.

Day 1: Arriving in Srinagar and Exploring the City

As per the travel guide to Shikara rides in Kashmir, you have to first reach the hotel. After checking into your hotel, take some time to explore the vibrant city of Srinagar. Firstly, begin your day with a visit to the famous Mughal Gardens.

Some of them are For example Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Bagh and Chashme Shahi. These are further filled with stunning terraced lawns, fountains, and vibrant flowers. These gardens e proof of the rich architectural and cultural heritage of Kashmir.

During day time, head to the bustling old city of Srinagar. Take a walk through the narrow, winding streets and explore the local markets.

Here, You will find a wide array of handicrafts, local Kashmiri attire, and local cuisine. Above all, do not forget to try the famous Kashmiri tea, known as Kahwa. Kahwa is further infused with saffron and garnished with nuts.

Day 2: Embarking on a Shikara Ride on Dal Lake

During your second day, it’s time to experience the highlight of your trip. It is the Shikara ride on serene Dal Lake.

Dal Lake is further known for its calm and pristine waters. It has floating gardens, local houseboats, and majestic mountains all around it.

Firstly, board a nicely decorated Shikara, it is a local wooden boat. After that, your journey on the tranquil waters of Dal Lake will begin. Glide through the lake, taking in the stunning views of the snow-capped peaks.

Also, see the reflection of the vibrant houseboats on the water. As you float along, You will witness local life unfolding around you. The vendors sell flowers, handicrafts, and even snacks and beverages in their floating shops.

Meanwhile, explore the floating vegetable market, where farmers sell their produce from boats. Witness the skilled artists crafting minute handmade carpets and other local Kashmiri items.

You can further engage in talks with the friendly locals. They will be more than happy to share stories about their lives on the lake.

As the sun sets, the lake transforms into a magical setting. The shining lights of houseboats and the reflection of stars further create a romantic and dreamlike ambiance.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy a cozy candlelight dinner aboard your Shikara. Meanwhile, indulge in Kashmiri cuisine while basking in the calm of the climate.

Day 3: Exploring the Surrounding Areas

During your third day, venture beyond Dal Lake and explore the nearby areas of Srinagar. Visit the famous Hazratbal Shrine a known Muslim shrine known for its white marble building.

The shrine houses a relic believed to be a strand of hair of Prophet Muhammad’s beard. It further makes it a famous pilgrimage site for Muslims.

After that, continue your journey by seeing the pleasant Nigeen Lake. It is the second most famous lake in the travel guide to Shikara rides in the Kashmir region.

It is often called the Jewel in the Ring. Nigeen Lake further offers a more secluded and serene experience compared to Dal Lake. Take a walk along the banks, enjoying the peace that surrounds you.

Day 4: Day Trip to Gulmarg

If you have an extra day to spare, consider taking a day trip to Gulmarg. Firstly, it is a scenic hill station about 50 km from Srinagar. Gulmarg is further known for its scenic landscapes and adventure sports.

Firstly, take a gondola ride to the top of Apharwat Peak. Here, you will be treated to stunning views of the snow-covered Himalayan ranges.

After that, engage in snow sports for example skiing or snowboarding. Above all, you can simply enjoy a snowball fight with your loved ones.

Day 5: Departure from Srinagar

On your last day in Srinagar, Say bye to this charming city. Now it’s time to leave the serene beauty of Dal Lake.

Meanwhile, take time to soak in peace and capture the charming moments of your trip. It further depends on your flight time which allows you to explore more of Srinagar. You can simply relax by the lake, savoring the memories of your Shikara ride.

Essential Tips for Your Shikara Ride Experience

1: Dress in layers

Kashmir weather can be changing, mainly during winter. Firstly, dress in layers to adjust to changing temperatures.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to carry a warm jacket, gloves, and a hat. They will further help you to protect yourself from the cold.

2: Carry essentials

Firstly ensure you have some things for example sunscreen and sunglasses. Above all carry a camera to capture the stunning views and moments during the Shikara ride.

3: Negotiate prices

When hiring Shikara, negotiate the price beforehand to ensure a fair deal. It’s further needed to communicate your choices and the duration of the ride. Above all, this will help to avoid any problems.

4: Respect the environment

During the time enjoying your Shikara ride, respect the climate. Firstly, you should avoid littering. Above all, preserve the pristine beauty of Dal Lake for future generations to enjoy.

In Conclusion

This travel guide to Shikara rides in Kashmir guides you about it. A Shikara ride on Dal Lake is a must-do experience. It will leave you charmed and captivated by the natural beauty of this stunning region.

It offers you the markets of Srinagar and the serenity of the floating gardens. The Shikara ride offers a unique aspect to look at Kashmir. It gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of Kashmir. So, plan a trip from Surat, and get ready for an exciting experience on Dal Lake.

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