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A Brief Explanation On Lacerte Tax Software

Gone are days, when you had sleepless nights while preparing tax reports or filing tax returns. In earlier days, tax preparation was a hectic task that required much time dedication. Those who had to prepare tax reports, really had a hectic time. With the evolution of new technology, preparing tax reports has been comparatively easier job. The inventions of tax software and application have revolutionized the field of taxation. Most of the tax software available in the market, almost have the same features and fulfill the same task of completing your tax returns. Tax software or applications are tools which have all the information related to the clients and help the clients during the tax preparation process. Some of the tax applications use tools to handle some specific jobs effectively. A tax application handles the client’s data in more manageable way.


Lacerte is a tax software developed and marketed by Intuit. It is best used for medium and small size organisations.

Best Features

  • Quality integration with Intuit products
  • Easy and smooth Interface
  • Best structure that includes, electronic filing, trial balance modules and electronic organizers.

Lacerte is the most comprehensive tax software. It offers a complete solution to small and medium sized forms.

Lacerte Tax software features

One of the best features of this software is its brilliant interface. The design of the interface is simple and easy to use. When the users open the software, they are directed to a client screen. There are tabs on the top of the screen that provide basic navigation options to the users so that they can directly jump to the input forms without accessing the client file first. The data entry is powered through drop down menus under the navigation tab. The forms view is available in folder tree structure and it also allows the users to narrow down forms. The software can prepare all the major tax returns.

Another notable feature of Lacerte tax electronic filling capabilities, which is being updated and expanded over 20 electronic filling modules. The management of electronic filling is maintained by a drop-down menu which guides the users through the process of electronic filling. It also has an E file center which provides more interactivity in the way returns are managed and processed.

The software offers many options to ensure that the returns are completed without any errors. There are diagnostics which are linked to forms and inputs. Thus it helps users to take appropriate actions to fix the errors. It saves time while reviewing the returns and provides error free returns

Another feature of the software is it’s built in help options which changes based on the active form and input screens. Help is also provided through on-line knowledge base and chat.


Lacerte tax software can be integrated with different intuit products. It allows the import of all trial balance for business returns. Lacerte has trial balance utility add-on which can import data directly from excel and QuickBooks. After the data is imported accounts are automatically mapped using smart map technology. After mapping the data users can manipulate the data through journal entries before importing it to lacerte.

Encourages Paperless work flow

The software allows preparation of multiple returns by entry and help professionals to focus on review. To indicate the review, it has green and red check buttons. After reviewing, the user clicks the green check button to indicate that the data is reviewed. The software also has electronic organizer which is sent to the clients in place of paper organizer. Documents can be simply scanned and uploaded to the tax import service from where they are converted to import to lacerte Tax.


one of the main things to be noted is that, the tax application or software can be used best to its capability only when you have a proper infrastructure and IT setup for using it. A sound IT infrastructure would enhance the usability and performance of the application.For businesses with limited IT resources and manpower, Tax software hosting is the best option that they can go for. Tax software hosting is nothing but a service provided by hosting providers, where the application is hosted in ASP servers. More over hosting the software enables multiple people to work on a single tax project, thus it saves time and money.

Tax software hosting service helps a lot in reducing cost and also allows remote access to the application. With the hosting service, you can access the software from anywhere in the world only you need is Internet connection. Users can opt for the hosting platform to reduce the burden of managing technical manpower, cost, and back up management and routine software updates, as all the services are provided by hosting provider.

The software can be hosted in a Citrix or terminal server, so that it enhances the usability and performance of the software. More over hosted lacerte offers bundle of other benefits compared to the desktop version. Hosted lacerte does not require strong IT infrastructure and manpower as in desktop version.


Lacerte is the best product for tax professionals for preparing tax returns. It provides easy to use interface which saves time while preparing tax returns. With its diagnostics and help options, the software ensure highly accurate and error free tax returns.

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Mark Johnson is an IT analyst at Hitech Cloud Hosting Solutions which is a leading Cloud Computing and Application Hosting company. The company specializes in hosting many software including accounting software Quickbooks Hosting, Peachtree Hosting, QuickBooks add-ons, Lacerte Tax Software, Proseries Tax Software, Drake Tax Software, CRM Software (ACT!) and also deals with website designing and maintenance service

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