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A Beginners Guide To Glass Painting

An artist does not need any particular surface or medium to paint his or her creativity on. They can transform any simple object into a masterpiece through their painting skills. Well, it is not at all mandatory that only artists can create masterpieces, you can also show your artistic skills and transform a simple thing into a creative art piece.

In this article, we are going to take a look and learn about how to do glass painting. Yes, a glass painting. As stated above, you can express your creative skills on whatsoever surface you want to.

Glass painting is a fun art of giving your old glassware a touch of rebirth, and this glass painting has become a very popular DIY when it comes to home decor. For all these things learning glass, and painting is a very creative skill.

If you are provided with perfect guidance and have lots of practice in simple paintings, then glass painting will be very easy for you to learn. Without wasting any time, let us have a quick look at the guide on how to do glass paintings.

What is Glass Painting?

Everything fades color after some time and the same thing happens with glassware or any ceramic items. Giving that faded-away glassware a decorative touch by painting them adds a texture and enhances its look giving your house a very beautiful touch.

Okay, so let us look at the steps to start painting the glass.

Prepare your Glass

The first rule, if you are using something new for the first time, wash it first, don’t just go for using it. The same rule should be followed for the old things also when you are about to use them after a long time.

Again the same rules, wash the glass that you would be using, with warm soapy water for removing the dirt and dust which might have made your glassware their home. If you are about to use a new glass, then washing it or not is depended on you, but many do suggest washing even the new glasses.

Now, it’s time to clean the glass and for that, you can use any simple glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol or white vinegar or a methylated spirit (whichever is available to you from these) and wipe them off with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Keep the wiped glass to air-dry in a dust-free area to prevent it from getting dusty again. Your glass is good to go for getting painted, after a natural air bath of 10-15 minutes.

How to undo the mistake?

Human beings are used to making mistakes and believing that we can paint the glass without any mistake, Huh, Not possible. So what to do in this kind of situation? Make a guess.

Yes, you guessed it right, a nail paint remover. The liquid used to remove the nail paint can also be used to remove the glass paint. It was so simple, wasn’t it? But sometimes you may be out of nail paint remover but have white vinegar, then rush to your kitchen and boil some water, wait, water? Yes, water to mix it in a 1:1 proportion with the white vinegar and use it to undo the mistake.

I know what you are thinking, nail paint remover is the best.

Art Supplies for Glass painting

When you think about glass paint, you will think of only those typical glass paints, but in reality, art supplies manufacturing companies have provided quite a range of different options for you like spray paints and glass painting kits.

You can use these paint supplies as per your painting area. If you have to cover a large portion of the glass, you should use the paint spray, as it covers that large portion at a minimum amount of paint. Similarly, if you want a mess-free glass painting with very few designs, you should use glass paint markers.

If you are a bit low experienced with these supplies, then why worry? Typical glass paints are always at your service. Here, is a brief explanation of some of the art supplies.

Glass Paints

Glass paints are available in both forms, oil-based as well as water-based, and they are provided to us in a variety of picturesque colors. If you want to decorate any kind of houseware item, then you should choose water-based oil paint. You can also make them dishwasher-friendly by fixing the paint in the oven.

Glass Paint Pens

These amazing pens can be used to decorate glasses as well as ceramics. If you want to add a detailing outline to your art on the glass, pens can help you out with that.

If you want to just go for simple solid colored blocks, then any simple permanent marker can also work the magic.

Spray Paint

If you want to paint a large glass area, then consider using spray paint to make minimum use of precious paint. Other than that if you want to add a colored background to your glass painting, spray paint is the perfect paint supply.

Methylated Spirit or Rubbing Alcohol

As we have discussed earlier, rubbing alcohol and methylated spirits should be used to clean the glass with a dry microfiber cloth and to help the paint stay fixed on the glass for a long time.

Glass Outliner

This outliner is an acrylic paste and is used to raise an outline to avoid the mixing of different painted sections with others. These outliers work the same as glass paint pens and are available mostly in black, white, and silver colors.

Glass Painting Stencils

If you are a lazy artist, and always find shortcuts to do a detailed painting, then stencils are the shortcut keys for your painting. These are the outline cut-outs of various designs, you just need to tape them up on the glass surface on which you would be painting and just spray the paint over or paint those outlines with paint pens or glass paints and, Voila! Your art is ready. Such a piece of cake, isn’t it?

Final Words

We hope this informative article for glass painting beginners will be useful to everyone and might help you start your glass painting journey.

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