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9 Interesting Technologies for Mobile App Development

Having a mobile application for businesses these days is essential – as productivity is (somewhat) dependent on apps. For an entrepreneur, it is important to know the objectives of having and launching a business app. And for mobile app developers, latest technologies for app development can help them create exciting apps and attract more and more users.

Business owners must learn how they can generate revenue by using their mobile applications. App developers should work on adopting new things and trends.

In this post, we will discuss some mobile app development technologies. If you are a business developer, you must know various things before getting an app developed and if you are an app developer, let’s explore the world of technology together.

  1. Application security

Malicious hackers and cyber criminals keep on making their ways to peep into people’s sensitive data. Hackers are becoming sophisticated. Since security is one of the crucial concerns, mobile app developers need to work on securing app data now.

Other than that, app developers must also take steps to save apps from getting hacked as security will continue to be a challenge in the coming years as well. In 2016, it is expected from the app developers to address the security issue well. Ethical hackers can also be contacted to know about the security gaps in mobile applications

  1. 3D touch

This will be an intriguing tech trend to follow while making mobile applications – as it is the next generation of Multi-Touch. It is expected to save us time as well. Basically, it allows the users to choose from quick options by slightly pressing on different apps. For example, you can bring up quick options like set the alarm or open up a video making option rather than opening up the complete application. In this way, a lot of time can be saved.

The amount of pressure on different screens performs different actions – for instance volume can be adjusted. 3D touch can give real life experience. Mobile app developers should consider this ‘feature’ while developing new apps.

  1. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing more and more day by day. Its biggest advantage is the connectivity of a number device. There are chances of app maturity if mobile app developers integrate their apps with IoT.

User experience can be made better by following this way of app development. With the Internet of Things, customer engagement can be improved, ultimately helping business owners to reach their potential customers through business applications at the right time and place.

  1. HTML 5

The rise of HTML 5 and hybrid applications will encourage mobile app developers to build apps that are based on the same platform. As app developmental process is easier using HTML 5, main focus from native apps will be shifted on building hybrid applications.

More and more businesses are expected to adopt this platform to get their apps developed – so enterprise mobile app developers can choose this trend for app development.

  1. Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming happens to be the ever-green activity for a number of people. Mobile app developers can think of innovative ideas of merging games and the process of app development. When mobile gaming moved from single player to multi-players in 2014, more people started playing games using their mobile devices.

The latest which could be done with gaming and app development is to integrate social media and gaming but this will obviously require proper management by the game developers as well.

  1. App analytics

Apps need to get tracked to check their performance and analyze data. For this purpose, big data and app analytics issues will be addressed to ensure that apps are working just fine. It is also expected that mobile app developers will continue adding new data collection methods so that they get clear insights to meet the demands and requirements of their clients. By analyzing app data, mobile app developers will be able to make more intriguing applications.

  1. Wearable tech

Wearable technology trend caused disruption in the industry when Apple Watch was launched. Mobile app developers have created applications for wearable devices but primarily their main focus was health care and fitness. In this year, however, it is expected from app developers that they create enterprise apps which will be used on wearable devices.

Mobile applications like Asana, Trello, etc. can make workers proactive and efficient which increase business productivity. Any such apps for wearable devices will allow employers to track projects’ progress in a more digital and systematic way.

  1. m-Commerce, Banking and Mobile Payments

eMarketer, in one of its reports stated that in 2014, 19% of retail E-commerce sales will be made on mobile devices. According to analysts this trend is expected to continue over the next four years. In addition to this, consumers are also adapting to m-Commerce as people like to pay for things using their mobile phones. Apple Pay and Google Wallet are the excellent examples of making mobile payments.

Mobile app developers have an opportunity of creating more apps for processing transactions which will somewhat eliminate the need for taking paper money or physical credit / debit cards. If app developers start implementing technologies to enable m-Commerce, users won’t have to put in too much information and they will be able to pay instantly.

  1. Cloud-Driven apps

In coming years, the Cloud technology will be considered the essential part of mobile app development. Keeping in mind the advancement of mobile applications, usage of mobile devices, wearable technology, it is expected from app developers to continue making apps which have the ability to integrate and syncing the app data on a number of devices.

The Cloud approach allows app developers for building apps which can be accessed on various devices with same features, data and functions. Cloud based app development platform helps developers to build mobile apps with same content and functionality. In this way, this platform allows the developers to create good apps in less time.

These are some of the interesting technologies mobile app developers can follow for creating some best apps. Apps created by following any of these new trends can save the time of the users, will make users efficient and productive and will also help entrepreneurs to decide things after seeing the productivity of their workers.

Mobile app developers must also keep in mind that they have to make the Millennials happy while they use different sort of applications. Almost every task is completed using mobile apps. We are expecting some exciting trends which will be followed by app developers to build some nice applications this year.

What are you expecting from app developers after knowing the latest tech trends? Leave a comment and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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Umair Maqsood is a Digital Marketing Specialist with his expertise in SEM, SMO, SEO, SMM, Content Marketing and Marketing Automation. Technology inspires him, Digital Marketing is his passion and writing is what he envy the most. You can get in touch with him on his LinkedIn to chat about Digital.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jason Santiago

    June 8, 2016 at 5:13 am

    Mobile gaming is probably the one that peaks the most interest for me. To make use of ads and integrating social media into an online multiplayer can reap a lot of benefits, marketing-wise. Good read. Cheers!

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