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8 Things to Know About Cloud-Based SaaS LMS

Cloud-based SaaS Learning Management Systems are changing the eLearning experience for educators and learners. Learn more about it right here.

When it comes to online learning and successfully building an online learning platform, more and more organizations and educators are switching to cloud-based SaaS LMS. A cloud-based SaaS learning management system platform offers functionality, scalable pricing, and modern features.

The global LMS market is predicted to reach $37.9 billion by 2026. This further emphasizes the need for better eLearning platforms through which online learning becomes easy without any lagging or crashing. Let’s learn more about Saas LMS.

What is SaaS LMS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) LMS is a convenient and powerful LMS platform based on the cloud. It’s an online system that has made modern learning easy as people can access this system from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Usually, cloud-based SaaS LMS has different pricing plans for its subscription. You choose the plan depending on your business and the features you’d want to access. You don’t need any particular hardware for this system. All you would need is the login info for accessing the portal and managing the LMS.

Quick Launch

Before, LMS platforms would take weeks and sometimes months to launch and become useful. Now, cloud-based LMS platforms are easily deployed and can be used on different devices simultaneously.

Installation time has been significantly reduced, and there is a standard rollout procedure. The process has become faster, and you can easily use the features given to manage your portal from the get-go and add courses. IT professionals can easily take charge of your LMS operations and help you set up your LMS.

Mobile Compatibility

More than 6.6 billion people around the world own a smartphone. Mobile phone users make up 57.38% of the internet traffic. When creating an online learning or eLearning platform, you can’t ignore these stats.

For your platforms to be successful, you have to consider the importance of mobile compatibility for LMS platforms. When you use a cloud-based SaaS LMS platform, it ensures a complete learning experience for mobile users as well. They can learn on their smartphones with ease. This can be done through mobile apps or responsive designs.


One of the most important features available on cloud-based SaaS LMS is its scalability. If you’re looking to expand your online learning platform,  SaaS LMS is the best choice because of its compatibility and functionality.

SaaS LMS automatically upgrades or downgrades your eLearning platform’s server capacity depending on the number of active learners. If you feel like you’re spending money on any unused features, you can easily change the plan to decrease the charges.

Easily Accessible

Since SaaS LMS platforms are cloud-based, they can be easily accessed from anywhere, at any time. You can use them from various networks, devices, or regions. There are no limitations when it comes to accessibility. All you would need is a stable internet connection and a smartphone.


Cloud-based SaaS LMS is perfect for your eLearning platform if you want an economical option. You won’t have to worry about maintenance, system updates, backups, fixing bugs, infrastructural improvements, etc. All you would have to do is pay the monthly fee for your subscription, which includes all of these services.

Cloud Storage

SaaS LMS data is stored on the cloud rather than on a device. For many consumers, data storage is a problem they face. Storing data on a device consumes too much space, but with cloud-based SaaS LMS, cloud storage is accessible, which makes it very easy to store data without running into any limitations.

No Management Needed

SaaS LMS is a hassle-free option for you as you won’t have to manage your LMS platform by yourself. You won’t have to take care of any software updates, system installations, and other management tasks, as everything will be handled by your LMS provider.

Enhanced Security and Backups

Another reason why cloud-based SaaS LMS is popular is because of the enhanced security it offers. Any data you store on the cloud will be backed up, secured, and encrypted by your LMS service provider.

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