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7 Ways to Make Your Commute Less Boring

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Billions of people all over the world face some sort of daily commute every day of the workweek. Whether it’s a walk, a ferry ride, a drive, a bus ride, or even a plane ride, you have time on your hands on that commute that you’ll never get back. That time doesn’t have to be wasted if you figure out a few ways to use that commute time really well. Of course, you can’t take on any hobbies that would require you to read while driving or take on anything that you would need to stop walking or get off the bus for, that would negate the point entirely. There are many activities that you can take on while sitting on the bus or driving your car that only requires you to listen, use your eyes, or maybe talk. From playing online casino games on your phone (not while driving, of course) to chatting to the person in the seat next to you, we’ve got a few great ideas to make the most of your commute time.

Image by Joey Lu via Pexels

If You Drive

Share a Ride

The best kind of commute is one where you only have to drive yourself half as often. If you and a friend are going to the same office building or area, why not share rides? You could have a little time to catch up in the car in the morning and evenings, and you could alternate driving one week on, one week off. Each of your vehicles will have less wear and tear, you’ll each save on gas money, and you’ll each have someone to chat to in traffic every day.

Learn a Language

If you find yourself alone in the car in the mornings or afternoons, why not download a language app like Duolingo? Choose from hundreds of languages and do the spoken exercises while you drive. Your eyes can be kept firmly on the road while your mouth learns a whole new way to communicate. There doesn’t have to be any real reason for you to learn a new language. It could be because you’re taking a vacation in Spain next year or just because French sounds nice!

If You Take Public Transport

Listen to a Podcast

Download an episode or two of your favorite podcast to your mobile device and listen to it while you’re outside of the wifi range on your commute to work. There’s no rule that says a podcast has to be educational or teach you anything, though there are a lot of great ones out there that do. You can use your commute time to listen to anything that you like: it can be silly and funny or serious. You could learn about politics or listen to a standup comedian: it’s your choice!

Be Friendly

If you’re an outgoing type of person, strike up a conversation with someone sitting near you on whichever form of public transport you take. Remember, not everyone is a morning person, so don’t be offended if some people just don’t want to chat. It’s also wise not to shout across the bus to each other as that would be considered rather rude. You never know who you might meet. You could make a new friend or even a contact to do business with or perhaps even a love interest, or maybe you’ll just have a nice conversation with a stranger; who knows?


We advise checking how many minutes away from your stop you are before settling into a meditation on public transport. If you don’t, you might get to work really late or end up back at the bus terminal! We advise a guided meditation or meditating to white noise with your headphones on to block out some of the sounds of public transport. A lovely meditation can be an excellent way for you to center yourself and prepare for the day ahead.

Image by Engin Akyurt via Pexels


Whether you read physical books or on your tablet or phone, reading can be a great way to pass the time or even learn something on your commute. It can be purely for entertainment value or to get some new knowledge into your noggin, whichever you prefer.

Do Puzzles

Whether you prefer word puzzles, math puzzles, or those games where you have to find teeny tiny objects in jam-packed and complicated images, puzzles are a great way to while away some time and keep your brain in fighting shape. We advise doing these on your phone or tablet rather than trying to put together actual puzzles on the bus: we’re certain you’d lose more than a few pieces and irritate at least one of the other commuters!

Final Word

There are so many ways that you can take advantage of your commute time and make things a little less boring while you’re on the road. Are you going to try any of these or do you have your own routine?

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