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7 Ways To Increase Website Traffic With A Medical Directors’ Email List

Medical Directors Email List traffic indicates how many people visited your website through your email marketing campaigns. It shows whether your campaign is successful or not. Here are a few ways to increase your email traffic-

Build opt-in Medical Directors’ Email lists

Obtaining the subscribers’ permission is the first step in building every Medical Director’s mailing list. Consent protects your sender’s reputation and confirms the subscribers’ interest in your products.

What happens if you don’t obtain consent?

You could be sending emails to inactive subscribers. If they have stopped using the account, you will never receive a reply, which will unnecessarily increase your email marketing cost. If they were never interested in your products, they would send your messages to the spam folder. Emails marked as spam increase bounce rates, harming your deliverability.

What Alternative can you provide?

You can direct the subscribers to your preference center and let them select how often they want to receive your messages. Allowing them to choose the kind of emails they want to receive can drastically reduce unsubscribe rates.

Segment the Medical Directors’ Email list by interests

Pay close attention to the kind of content your subscribers engage with the most. It can tell you a lot about the products they are interested in and the decisions they are likely to make. Use this information to create content specific to their topics of interest. Customizing emails to each subscriber can be difficult and take a major chunk of your time. Segmenting the medical directors’ email address list makes it much easier to send similar content to subscribers with similar interests.

Track your Website and Email Performance

Measure how many times the subscribers clicked on the links within your emails. The links should direct them to the relevant page on your website. Click rate gives you the percentage of subscribers who clicked through to your site. Use Google Analytics to monitor how many people visit your website, which pages get the most visits, how much time people spend on a page, and how they find your website. If your emails do not drive enough traffic to your website, you may need to rethink your content.

Optimize your Content for the mobile

According to Statista’s findings, the 4th quarter of 2021 saw 63% of organic search engine visits performed over mobile phones in the US. A mobile-optimized website gives people a positive user experience and makes them return. It increases the traffic to your website and earns you more conversions. Subscribers with a great mobile-friendly experience will likely buy your products and services.

Google’s search algorithm switched to mobile-first indexing. It now ranks mobile-friendly websites higher on the search results page. Even if subscribers use the Google search engine on their desktops, your website will not rank well if it is not optimized for smartphones. You will lose heavy traffic, miss out on leads, and fail to generate good revenue.

Keep your Content brief, relevant, and consistent

Maintain a ratio of 80% text and 20% images. Your email should ideally contain between 50 and 125 words. Images may load slowly if the subscribers’ internet connection is weak. The longer they take to load, the more likely the subscriber will click away or delete the email without taking a single look at it.

Send only relevant messages to your subscribers, or else they won’t read them. Once you segment the medical directors’ email addresses, customizing the content becomes easier.

Maintain a consistent color scheme that fits your company’s branding in all your emails. It is easier to identify your emails, making subscribers more willing to trust you.

Be Active on Social media

Promote your business and the latest products on your social media pages. It is important to take your products to the customers rather than wait for them to come to you. Neither will you have to wait for people to stumble across your business. While you satisfy your subscriber’s need for instant gratification, you can make your business known to their partners and increase your reach to more people.

Update your Mailing list of Medical Directors

The importance of frequently updating your email list cannot be stressed enough. If you do not have the resources or time, you can buy an updated list from reputed data providers, such as Healthcare Mailing.

A stagnant Medical Director Email database contains email addresses that haven’t been used in a long time or have been abandoned. Some internet service providers use these addresses as spam traps. If you don’t remove them from your list, you will end up sending them your promotional messages. The moment you do so, the service provider will mark you as a spammer who has unlawfully obtained the address. Not only does this prevent your email from reaching the recipient, but it also diverts your future emails to other subscribers.


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