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7 Traits of a Professional Electrician

Hiring an electrician is not as easy as it may appear. This trade is associated with potential risk factor both for a serviceman and property owner. In an industrial set-up, this risk factor increases due to dealing with high voltage. It becomes important to select a professional who knows the trade very well and follows all safety norms.

Here are 7 traits of professional electricians that will help you hire them confidently:

1. Available anytime: Whether it’s factory or home, electrical faults don’t come by advance intimation. Some emergencies are so critical that if not attended can lead to a fatal accident and huge monetary losses. Amateur tradesman will hesitate to come at night time or especially when the location is far from his home. In a competitive world, the desirable service delivery time is 24 x 7.

2. Knowledge of trade: A smart service provider works according to industry standards. The elementary education and rigorous training sessions make him perfect for the trade. He leaves no stone unturned in obtaining the necessary trade license and eligibility criteria.  The person keeps on upgrading his tools and knowledge according to latest trends in the industry. This maturity helps him handle the job smoothly without errors. The service person listens to the problems and recommends time saving and cost-effective solutions.

3. Accurate estimate: When working with a new apprentice, you are like moving in a room blindfold, without knowing what is going to hit you.  An experienced person can interpret the spare parts and labor cost accurately. There are very little chances of incidental expenses until the scope of the job is expanded. This ability makes them stand out among amateurs.

4. Planning ability: For a commercial technician knowledge of reading blueprints and ability to plan the job is most important. In a large set-up if things are not planned there will be havoc everywhere. Even a home service provider with planning abilities can prevent headaches during work. A good planner can foresee problems that may arise in future and is able to guide the team members efficiently.

5. Troubleshooting: This is the key factor in any trade. Many things you already know about electrical circuits and components used to run a device. But you are not able to execute the job as you have limited solving skills. A professional can trace the real problem quickly thus saves unnecessary equipment cost and time for reaching to the problem. The industrial electrician is paid high salary due to this analytical and troubleshooting skill.

6. Safety concern: ‘Safety first’, this slogan can be found in many workplaces. A professional always take personal safety as well as client’s safety with utmost priority. He also recommends fixtures and devices for maintaining the safety of the building. A company should also have a healthy safety policy in place so that employees and visitor remain safe at the workplace.

7. Interpersonal skills: Good personality traits are a most important element of a profession. Good communication skills, observation skills and instructing juniors well are keys to success. You will not find a professional electrician greedy about money. With the requisite skills and high reputation in the market, he can get engagement throughout the year.

These handy tips will help you choose the right contractor for your jobs from the huge crowd of electrical service providers. Keep in mind to do own research about the person/agency that you are going to hire. For authenticity, you can consult trade unions and licensing authorities. Your friends and neighbors would also be a great help as they speak out of personal experience which increases the credibility.

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