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7 Strategies for Ensuring In-App Advertising Success

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In-app advertising is a key to successful revenue generation irrespective of what kind of app you possess. However, it is not that simple. It needs to be developed in a mobile friendly manner such that it can be optimized constantly for maximizing ad revenue.

There are a few strategies for ad optimization, which if used effectively within the apps, can help your app gain instant success in in-app advertising.

An app should have geographically targeted ads

You can have visitors arriving on your app from any given country. If your app adapts itself according to the geographical region, then visitors will only be able to see only targeted ads that are relevant to them. This way the probability of your ads getting clicked and downloads getting increased, will escalate tremendously.

Many ad networks focus on laser target geo marketing aimed towards certain demographics only. When a visitor from the US arrives on your app, it is important to show ads targeted from the respective country rather than displaying global ads, which are of no use whatsoever. It is important here to analyze which geographical regions are working really well in your app favor.

App testing important to track advertising networks

Not all ad networks work well with your app. Some will give astonishing results, some will provide disappointing results, while some will just about work fine but not that great enough as well. It is very difficult to predict in advance which ad networks will prove fruitful for your app while and which won’t be.

Not every ad network holds equal importance in terms of advertising reach. Poor networks will surely fail, and good networks will always do well. However, it is critically important to differentiate between the two. There is a systematic approach to go about. Let us find out.

  • Determine the time slots when people visit your app the highest.
  • Implement new ads all of a sudden to see the changes in performance during peak or non-peak hours.
  • Keep ads for weeks before switching to new ones for actual testing.

Make use of already proven ad networks for integrating ad frequency caps. These caps help to maintain the current revenue figure, and have the ability to allow network offers drive traffic.

Ad Refresh is an important factor not to be neglected

For effective ad optimization, it is important that the ad seen within your app should not be refreshed to get properly loaded. If a user has to refresh your app in order to see the ad then they won’t be interested because they want to use the app and not see the ad. This will result in practically no one seeing the ad leading to major drops in ad revenue.

As per experts, an ideal refresh rate should be of 2 minutes. This means that an ad should be refreshed every 2 minutes to display a new ad. Depending on the size of ad networks, number od ads or type of ads are decided accordingly.

Ads should be repeated quite frequently

When a visitor sees an ad for the very first time, he/she is still in the zone of getting emotionally connected with the app. An ad seen repeatedly can only emotionally connect completely, and so let the same ad come in front of the visitor multiple times.

One they develop an emotional connect, they will feel something missing when they do not see the ad. Even not clicking the ad once, will let them think where the ad has disappeared. It is a wonderful strategy not just to increase exposure but also let users get used to the app.

Ad formats diversified to multiple extents

While introducing mobile adds within your app, try to implement a premium experience beforehand. A perfect mix of content, images, video, and sound will prevent users to get tired of seeing an ad. Focus on completion rates and clicks to get a clear idea of user engagement of every single ad across individual users.

Let ads placed at relevant useful sections

Do not simply place ads aimlessly here and there without even analyzing the actual flow of your app. Initially, identify screens that will help in letting your users move about easily from one place to another within your app. Interstitial ads work well by acting as a bridge for smooth transitions.

  • Placing banners in close proximity to call to action buttons or actionable UI elements can obstruct their path leading to an app flow, which is unstable.
  • Video ads go very well between pauses and transition levels areas. They result in high eCPM.
  • When you integrate native ads into app content then they look more effective and natural.
  • Incorporate reward-based ads inside app content wherein they can avail premium services such as new upgrades, recent updates, etc.

Segmentation within the ad personalized

The ad experiences should be customized by defining specific placement guidelines as well as rules for different user segments. It is foolish to focus on every single user segment for optimizing the ad format and ad type. Promotional ads of your own apps within your other apps, let your users be in your ecosystem. However, with only one app, be creative by testing each variation and segmentation.

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Jennifer Brown is a software developer at Digital Infoware Pvt. Ltd., an IT company with expertise in mobile application development services, delivering high-end user friendly apps development solutions. She feels glad to share her experience through informative and enlightening articles.

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