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7 Simple Ideas to Create an Improved Company Culture and a Stronger Team

If you want your employees to stay up-do-date with all the latest available technologies, you must incorporate a learning environment within your workplace. Encourage intrapreneurship within the company so that everybody stays motivated and feels important at the same time.

Let’s admit it. A great company culture usually comes from a single thing: people; employees to be more specific.

You might define your goal, your vision but ultimately it’s your people who have to fulfill those things to take your company to the realms of success. The key to this success is a great company culture accompanied with strong team bonding.

Let’s go through a few simple, yet effective ideas to create a strong bonding between team members and incorporate a great company culture.

1. Encourage intrapreneurship

An intrapreneur isn’t actually an entrepreneur but s/he behaves like one. Similar to an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur’s motivated, can think out of the box and is creative at the same time.

Isn’t it crucial to create a culture within the company where every employee’s encouraged to think out of the box, to create something out of the ordinary, to be innovative and share ideas with fellow team-mates? Well, if you are hoping to incorporate a great company culture, your answer should be “yes.”

Encourage intrapreneurship within the company so that everybody stays motivated and feels important at the same time.

2. Prepare a culture calendar

This is a great idea to improve your team bonding. Introduce an annual company cultural calendar that’s viewable to all of your team members.

Your calendar should include every important thing of your fiscal year ranging from employee birthdays to team meetings to activities and so on.

3. Unlimited learning opportunities

If you want your employees to stay up-do-date with all the latest available technologies, you must incorporate a learning environment within your workplace.

Emphasize on books, tutorials etc. that can benefit your company extensively in achieving your goal. Encourage your employees to read them as per their convenience both for their benefits and yours.

You should also remember that in this case, your company has to cover the cost of all these study materials. But don’t worry. This investment will surely have long term benefits.

4. Corporate events

Events are a great way to promote your business and increase your team bonding. Organizing a few “wine and dine” nights on special occasions does make sense. Couple that with a few cool and fun ideas like including a corporate photo booth into the party.

Photo booths are fun, interactive and are usually considered the main centre of attraction of any party. Hiring a corporate photo booth won’t even burn a huge hole in your pocket. And at the same time, it can also raise the level of fun to the maximum. So go ahead get one. You definitely won’t regret it.

5. Inculcate an adventure reimbursement policy

“Work hard, play harder”- make your employees aware of this mantra. Ask them to learn it by heart and follow it closely in the best possible way.

Encourage your employees to participate in any adventure or try anything new at company’s cost. Discuss these things in meetings. Remind them of the fact that these sports can be anything ranging from karate classes to swimming lessons.

As long as they show enthusiasm and participate in such activities to keep themselves fresh and healthy, the company would reimburse every dime spent on these activities.

6. Indoor games

By indoor games, we are actually referring to the ones that involve some activity at the very least. Example: table tennis or ping-pong.

Install a few of these games in your office and encourage your employees to take part accordingly. Running a few monthly tournaments can also help. If you want to incorporate a healthy culture of competition in your company, these small things can definitely come in handy for you.

7. Recognition followed by rewards

Good innovative work must be recognized and rewarded at the same time. These things create a healthy desire to perform in employees.

Incorporate this policy in your company. Say “kudos” to the deserving team members who did something out of the box to get you out of tight situations. Recognize men/women for outstanding innovative work at the same time.

And don’t forget to reward them for such contributions. These rewards can be anything ranging from headphones to cash to a day off etc.

Just implement these ideas mentioned above and see the positive revolutionary mindset you bring into your workplace. These ideas might be simple but are undoubtedly very effective in building up a cohesive team within your organization. Such a cohesive mindset is considered the definite key to any form of success.

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Allan Lloyd is a highly skilled marketing and technical writer with over nine years of experience in professional settings. He has worked as a marketing writer for the last 4 years and half. He has performed a variety of different types of writing in the past, including entertaiment, fashion, and search-engine optimized blog writing. He believes, good writing is the most powerful force in the world that grows an interest in reading, whereas bad writing will just annoy and confuse the reader.

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