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7 Reasons Why Video Will Increase User Interactions on Your Website

Uploading images and adding updated text are both smart ways to keep your website innovative to your visitors’ eyes, but there’s another component that must be present. Video messages are still the reigning champion when it comes to drawing interest. In fact, user interactions will increase substantially when your website has at least one video. Read through the reasons why you need video, and start thinking of production tomorrow.

Clearing Up Misconceptions

Your product may not be the most simple item on the market. However, it’s an ingenious design when you understand what it does for a consumer. This reason alone is enough to add a video to your website that explains the item’s functions and benefits. The video shouldn’t be one-hour long either. Try to keep your informational videos at two- or three-minute lengths in order to engage the most viewers on the site.

Puts a Name With a Face

A product may be out in stores, but the public hasn’t been engaged with the item just yet. Website videos allow consumers to put a face with the name. That sensation of recognizing a product and its name is often a tempting situation where consumers automatically buy the item. In fact, loved ones may have described this item to you, but you didn’t know what it was called or where to find it until a video appeared.

Viewers Are Attracted to Moving Pictures

When you visit any website, being greeted by text alone is both overwhelming and frustrating. You want to find the information that you need and move on. Reading a novel won’t expedite your research process. It’s true that website visitors are attracted to moving pictures because it plays on natural human reactions. Movement at a park or in a room catches the human eye out of sheer instinct, for instance. Add strategic videos to your site, including some captioning service, and you’ll hold visitors’ attentions for much longer than before.

Frequent Videos Equals Reliability in Consumers’ Minds

Your videos might be on your website and posted through social media. Changing the videos on a periodic basis means that consumers see your attention to detail. In fact, consumers equate frequent video posts with a reliable company. If you’re posting videos with strong informational qualities, the product and service appear viable. As a result, consumers are more inclined to seek out your company before another one with only images or text on their sites.

Your Ranking Rises

Adding videos to your site will increase your ranking on various search engines. As you rise to page one or two, more people will see your site. The company will naturally have extra interactions because the search engine offers the link to more people than ever before. Search engines also take the video location into consideration as well. Your website stands out to the search engine’s algorithm when a video is embedded in the platform.

Mobile Users Can Relate

With more people using their mobile phones and tablets today, videos make sense for increased visibility. When a mobile user accesses your website, being greeted by a video is helpful. It fits right on a small screen without any scrolling or resizing issues. As a result, mobile users may remain on your site because of the mere convenience.

Testimonials Still Work

Aside from informational videos, consider testimonials too. Satisfied customers speaking to the camera are very influential for potential clients. They can see the sincerity in their eyes as opposed to reading a testimonial that might be written by any person. Interactions on your site can increase with several testimonials posted each month.

Don’t overwhelm your visitors with half-dozen videos on the home page. It’s ideal to add videos to several different pages in order to make them more of an innovative idea. Each page will load faster as a result. Post videos, and swap them out on a frequent basis so that your website can have the most visitors throughout the year.

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Dennis Hung is an entrepreneur and product analyst specializing in mobile technology and IoT. He’s spent most of his career consulting for businesses in North America.

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