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7 Reasons to Follow a Regular Vehicle Maintenance Plan

As an owner of a vehicle, having a proper vehicle maintenance plan is absolutely crucial.

A regular maintenance plan will keep the vehicle running efficiently and would reduce the risk of any serious problems at a later stage. A number of accidents result from improperly maintained vehicles. Apart from that, such vehicles also have a good chance of breaking down in the middle of the road, keeping you stranded.

No matter how tied down you are with your busy schedule, it is important to have a fixed maintenance plan for your vehicle for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at these in details.

Improved Performance

A vehicle develops signs of wear and tear not only when it is in use, but also when it is sitting in the garage.

Regular maintenance procedures like engine inspections, tire rotations, oil changes etc. will ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly. Additionally, these inspections will also help identify any requirements for repair that may not be visible in plain sight. These problems can take a toll on the performance of your vehicle unless they are amended.

Increased Safety

A vehicle that isn’t maintained properly can turn out to be a safety hazard for both, the passengers of the vehicle as well those in the other vehicles that you are sharing the road with.

Did you know that if you are sloppy about the maintenance of your vehicle, it could increase the likelihood of a vehicle fire? Additionally, an improperly maintained vehicle with broken components,  faulty wiring, leaky seals and so on is prone to vehicular accidents.

With regular maintenance, these problems could be avoided easily, thus improving the safety of your vehicle.

Reduced Cost of Operation

In case your vehicle is not well-maintained, you would not be able to locate the insignificant damages that your vehicle is harboring. These small problems add up to turn into a major one. It goes without saying that, while the costs of repairs for the minor issues may not be significant, the expenses of a major problem resulting from those may burn a hole in your pocket.

An adequately maintained vehicle does not require a lot of repairs. This means you would not have to head to the mechanic frequently to buy accessories or get a repairing job done to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

Keeps Up the Vehicle’s Value

Following the factory scheduled maintenance procedures will ensure that your vehicle is in the best condition. Consequently, this will keep the value of the vehicle intact in case you wish to sell or trade it later. Buyers of used vehicles always check the performance of the vehicle before buying. Therefore, keeping it in a perfectly running condition will prove to be an advantage in attracting customers. This could also mean getting a better price for the vehicle.

Apart from that, not maintaining your vehicle could cost you its warranty as well.

Reduced Possibilities of Emergencies

Nothing can be more frustrating that your vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road. With a fixed vehicle maintenance plan in place, this can be avoided.

All possible faults of a vehicle are identified during routine tune-ups and these are repaired as well. Therefore, the likelihood of a roadside emergency reduces considerably.

Reduced Emissions

Keeping your vehicle well maintained reduces harmful emissions from the exhaust. These emissions contribute heavily to the global pollution.

When the engine, fluids and other components of the vehicle work properly, the chances of emission of dangerous fumes reduces significantly. This, in turn, reduces the carbon footprint and thus, protects the environment.

Better Gas Mileage

If you follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule appropriately, its performance will be optimized. This is because all the components will work like a well-oiled machine. As a result, your vehicle will have a better fuel efficiency. This means that you would save more money in terms of gas bill. 

The consequences of failing to keep your vehicle in proper condition can turn out to be quite risky. Routine maintenance is essential for the life of your vehicle. This would increase the reliability and longevity of your vehicle significantly. As a result, it would reduce possibilities of accidents. Ensure to keep the records of every maintenance so that you can refer to those in case of any problems.

This blog was written by Katie Smith for Auto Fire & Safety Consultants

Written By

Katie Smith is a fire expert and her areas of interests and expertise include forensic science and accident or crime scene investigation related matters. She often conducts fire investigation in Houston. Blogging is her hobby and she is also a consultant blogger, having well-accepted write-ups on a wide range of topics, such as general safety, security and safety equipment.

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