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7 Essential Apps For Your Brand’s Facebook Page


Even though Facebook pages are only a “like” away, sometimes simply liking a page does not completely fulfill the purpose of the page, especially if it is trying to advertise a specific product. The minute by minute timeline updates occasionally result in a missed post. In order to reach the large population, brands can take help of the following applications for advertising and promoting their productions on Facebook and draw even more people towards themselves:

  1. Facebook Notes

Facebook Notes is a built-in app and does not need a separate plugin to use. The main purpose of this is to write long posts and detailed articles which cannot be expressed as a status update and upload pictures that make your post more attractive. You can also tag other Facebook pages in order to create a link between the two allowing more people to view and comment on the notes.

  1. Social RSS

RSS feeds are a simple way to import stuff to your Facebook timeline. If you own a company and want to import certain articles or blogs on your timeline, then you can use RSS feeds now. These feeds are synced with your timeline. When they are updated, they tend to update your timeline simultaneously. The app is overall free but certain paid features are also available for a much better experience.

  1. SlideShare

SlideShare is like a PowerPoint app for your Facebook page. For all those with pre-existing SlideShare accounts and for new users alike, you can import documents, presentations, articles, graphical data etc. all on to your page with ease. This can allow you to easily distribute a large amount data on the social media.

  1. Ripe Social

Ripe social allows you to make a personalized Facebook page. Forget the boring old common timeline and spice up your page with a customized theme now! The apps included in ripe social include:

  • Welcome: For creating a welcome page
  • Portfolio: For creating multiple photo galleries
  • Coupon: Used mainly for promotions, for example a discount coupon
  • Win it: Organizing lucky draws
  • Workshops: In case you are willing to set up workshops
  • Video: Directly imbed YouTube videos
  • Newsletter: Provide daily updates in form of a newsletter
  • Twitter: synced twitter account
  1. Heyo

Heyo is a campaign manager consisting of simple and a large variety of templates to choose from. These campaigns for sales and promotions are easy to set up using the widgets already present in the app. This app is also mobile friendly so you need to look for a computer each time you need to advertise. All these campaigns can be shared on Facebook with only a click.

  1. Post Planner

Post Planner, like the name suggests, helps you maintain an organized timetable for your appointments and meetings. It also helps you to find ideas online, share images and videos and search for online articles. All your promotional ideas can be shared on Facebook and through Facebook can be shared on multiple social websites. The app is available for $7 per month only.

  1. SnapApp

Creating interactive content was never so easy and quick. The website contains information about how to compete with your rival brands on Facebook. It allows you to create interactive video and has a large variety of templates and multiple tools to give you the best experience you need to get your brand up and running. It helps you engage and compare yourself with other brands.

Gone are the days when people used only newspapers and brochures for advertising. This is the 21st century, and if you can utilize the social websites wisely, then you will easily walk on the road of success.

Skornia Alison works as a social media analyst for Essay Valley- a service that offers help with essay writing . Due to her expertise in the field, she’s into exploring and analyzing you trends and techniques on how digital social connectivity can be best put to use in diverse markets.

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