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7 Countries You Must Visit According to Experts

There is no better way to recharge your batteries and rejuvenate your mind and body then going a vacation trip to a new country. Which country should I travel to on my next vacation? Is that what you are thinking? If so, then you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn about where the top business professionals travel to and recommends as their next holiday destination.


If you are interested in seeing the perfect blend of multiple cultures, languages, ethnicities and religion in one country then, there is no better country to travel to than Spain. Francesco Soriquez, the owner of Magic of Seville Private Tours agrees to this notion. You will find people speaking languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Latin. Combine that with a concentration of festivals, food, architecture and art and it can make your trip to Spain memorable. What’s even better is that locals know how to get you involved in festivals and rituals so you won’t have a hard time mixing with them. History buffs can satisfy themselves with historical fortresses and temples.


According to 2017 figures, 28.7 million people visited Japan in 2017. The trend will continue for a few years to come as Japan prepares to host the next Rugby World Cup in 2019 and Olympics in 2020.  Hugh Graham-Watson at The Hotel Guru is truly amazed by how Japan fuses both old and new cultures. You will find historical traditions, Buddhist temples and shrines but you will also find modern-day architectural marvels, technology savvy people, vending machines and robots. Visit Tokyo’s bustling fish market or sit in a bullet train to reach far away destinations in a few minutes.


If an adventure filled desert safari Dubai tour is not your thing then, the calmness of Mauritius will surely impress you. That does not mean that Mauritius does not offer anything for adventure fans. Chamarel combines hiking, volcano and adventure all in one place. Similarly, visiting Grand Baie bazar let you shop, catch fishes and spend some time on the beach as well. New luxury resorts are also opening, attracting tourists toward them.

Jennifer Atkinson, CEO of Inspiring travel company thinks that Mauritius is a heaven on earth for people who like to spend time on the beaches. That is why it has been on the radar for tourists for many years and continues to be a favorite holiday destination for many tourists. With luxurious hotels, spas, beautiful national parks and golf courses, it is one of the best destinations for luxury travel.


When it comes to hospitality, Poland is a clear winner, but does that justify a visit to the country? Zenon Znamirowski, CEO of Polish Origins thinks that it is. In the urban centers you will find world-class hotels renovated with historical monuments. What’s interesting is that all these hotels also take advantage of modern technology and design architecture. There is also some room for hiking and trekking, skiing and gliding flights, especially if you are in Masuria. Kitesurfing and diving are also other alternatives you can consider when you are on a Baltic coastline.

You can go back in time by taking a spa in the medieval cellars or spend some time in a house which is floating on a lake. See the modern side by visiting a five or seven-star hotel, shopping mall or an entertainment center and you will be transported to the future. See the 15th-century wooden architecture in South Poland and see animals in Biebrza National Park and Białowieża Forest.


Roger Hyde, CEO of Dulabab Travel thinks that Belize deserves to on the top of the list of your next holiday destination. This small country is located at the bottom of Central American near the Caribbean region. See the historical Maya forest, which is one of the largest broadleaf forests in Central America. If you are a fan of tropical climate then, the rain forests will win your fancy. There are many beach bars and seafood restaurants in San Pedro town that you must visit. History lovers can visit the Belize Museum. Visiting Ambergris Caye island will give you access to white sandy beaches, opportunity to see the famous Great Blue Hole and a barrier reef for diving.


Famous for the leaning tower of Pisa, floating city of Venice and the Colosseum, Italy offer much more to tourist than that. Victoria Boomgarden, President of Direct Travel Luxe agrees with that. Very rarely will you get to see mountains meet the sea at one point, but Amalfi Coast let you see that unique view. Florence Cathedral, which was built in the 1200s will surely impress history and architecture fans with its red-tiled dome and color marble façade. Similarly, they can also see the remains of historic buildings, palaces, churches and temples. Surrounded by mountains, Lake Como is also a place you can not afford to miss when you are Italy.


Brazil has been in the news for all the wrong reasons for a couple of years now. Whether it is terrifying Zika stories, economic issues, political instability, crime or anything else, Brazil have done their bit to shrug off this image. Luxury hotels are popping up. The amalgamation of different religions, culture and music result in a rich and colorful culture. History fans will love visiting Salvador, the best-preserved colonial city.

Inhotim Contemporary Art Museum, the largest outdoor art installation in the world. Don’t forget to visit the amazing statue of Jesus Christ called Redeemer the Christ and Iguassu Falls. Amazon river and rainforest is a heaven for nature loving tourists. Explore the national parks of the Chapada Diamantina or the Chapada dos Veadeiros for trekking and see remote waterfalls. Tourists can also enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing in Brazil.

Which country would you travel to on your next holiday destination? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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