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7 of the Best Email Hosting Services for Startups In 2017

When it comes to business, emails are the most effective modes of communication. An email is a professional tool for reaching out to new clients as well as potential customers. A dedicated email hosting service has many benefits for small and large businesses.

Sometimes startups may be tempted to go for the easiest choice and use free email services. After deciding to run a small business, using generic email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail is not going to suffice for an entrepreneur. It will create an unprofessional image because people will have doubts whether that business is genuine. On the other hand, if a company uses its own domain name, it will not only reflect professionalism but it is also good for private and safe communication. The emails will not be treated as spam and they will be more likely to land in the recipient’s inbox.

Using email hosting services have many advantages for small businesses. Security is the biggest benefit that comes with email solution. The IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and POP (Post Office Protocol) are the data encryption features of these services, which make sure that no important data gets lost and no unauthorized party can access it. The dedicated email hosting services provide anti-spam and anti-virus filters, which make sure that no malicious and unwanted email could break into the system. Customized storage space provided by an email hosting company is also very important for businesses. Apart from these, instant credibility, additional resources, and high bandwidth availability are some of other advantages of email hosts.

The following are among the best email hosting service providers in 2017:

1.      GSuite

Google’s products and services have dominated the market today because of their reliability and effectiveness. Google’s email hosting provides well-made, qualitative and much-needed infrastructure for startups. Google Business Apps are the leading technological tools for the small business owners. These apps are capable of providing a broad range of services from web storage solutions for various other business communications. Google email hosting is very handy for small as well as large businesses, which creates a communication interface that is easy to navigate and clutter-free.

2.      Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is one of the most widely used email services for websites’ custom domain. This service is both free and paid. The free plan is good enough for most small businesses barring only a few features. Regarding its performance, there are many positive feedbacks by its clients. Zoho Mail has a lot of attributes that make it an impressive email hosting company. The free version enables up to 25 custom domain email addresses, which are enough for average users. There is up to 5GB storage space for every email and its inbox. Users are able to communicate through smartphones and can easily access their emails on shared public computers. This service also provides a powerful dashboard with lots of options.

3.      FastMail

FastMail is a fast, flexible, and reliable email solution provider. It is a perfect email hosting service for large businesses, small businesses, and individuals. It has a powerful email management interface, tools that can sync with every device, file storage with FTP and WebDAV access and XMPP enabled chat. FastMail comes with 60-day free trial version. The site’s clean design system allows many more tools to interface with it. These include content marketing tools, search engine optimization tools, website building tools, and spam filters.

4.      CloudOYE

The fact that startups have a limited budget and they need low-cost and reliable email hosting solutions, CloudOYE offers the solutions that fit in this situation. CloudOYE has 24/7 support for the customers ‘queries in case server or other network component fails creating interference in seamless performance. It is an affordable service, which can be upgraded if more services are required. CloudOYE provides complete network uptime for a faster response. It has many feature-rich tools such as: 1-click installers, auto-responders, website builders, anti-spam filters, firewalls etc.

5.      Mailcheap

Mailcheap is one of the most dedicated email service providers. It has a profound focus on uptime, deliverability, and data integrity. Most email services charge as “per user/ per month” basis, which increases costs for any startup, Mailcheap is quite affordable. It has unlimited domain and unlimited users, storage capacity is 10 GB to 50 TB, 99.9% uptime, and ensures 100% delivery for all major providers and ESPs.

6.      Flaskmail

Flaskmail is a powerful yet very simple email service provider. The businesses that are looking for personalized email addresses, Flaskmail is a good choice. It is a perfect solution for efficient email marketing as well. The service comes with a modern, easy to use as well as free webmail client that is very important foe emails and contacts. Flaskmail has several other features including: scalable storage, smartphone and tablet support, email on a custom domain name, scalable mailboxes, free email support, free inbox, and simple domain management.

7.      Greatmail

Greatmail is an affordable email hosting service with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, which is helpful in synchronization and sharing of emails, contacts, and calendar data. It focuses on reliability, security, and privacy. It is a fully managed and private cloud service. It has many powerful features: AT101 SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance; spam, malware and virus protection; cross-platform support, Support for POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols; compatible with wireless devices such as Android, BlackBerry, and iOS.

Wrap Up

Emails have become the most widely used medium of communication for individuals as well as businesses in 21st century. Email hosting service is very important for businesses, particularly startups because they provide privacy, protection, deliverability, professionalism, and storage. The above mentioned email services are among those that are widely used and affordable.

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