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60 Creative Ways You Can Make Money Online

Being able to make money online is a dream for a huge number of people. The idea of being able to earn a living without leaving the front room, or being able to supplement your income significantly through just a few hours of work a day, is incredible appealing and could provide a lifeline for many people.

But for many of us this dream might seem somewhat distant. How can you make money online if you don’t know anything about business? Or about computers? Well actually the good news is that anyone can make money online, thanks to the sheer number of different methods available. Here we will list sixty different ways you can make money online – yes sixty – and you’re almost certain to find something that you can do out of that lot…

  1. Create a website and put advertising on it
  2. Sell an affiliate product, through a blog or through social media
  3. Buy and sell products for more through eBay
  4. Enter competitions
  5. Use cashback sites to get money off of your purchases
  6. Buy items wholesale and then sell them for more on eBay
  7. Learn an art or craft and then sell your creations on eBay
  8. Offer writing services to webmasters
  9. Offer design services to webmasters
  10. Offer to create video openers
  11. Learn social media marketing and offer it to small businesses
  12. Learn SEO and offer that to small businesses
  13. Create a large Twitter/Instagram account and then post sponsored Tweets
  14. Offer a fun service through Fiverr
  15. Look into many of the similar sites to Fiverr
  16. Raise money for a genius invention or service through Kickstarter
  17. Offer proof reading services to websites/writers
  18. Sell your hair
  19. Sell your breastmilk
  20. Become a mystery shopper
  21. Commentate on sports matches online
  22. Be a jury on a mock trial
  23. Set up an e-mail course
  24. Create and sell an eBook
  25. Create and sell an eBook through Kindle
  26. Self publish a book with Lulu or Amazon and sell that
  27. Carry out paid surveys
  28. Create an app and sell it through iTunes or through the Android Play Store
  29. Create a piece of software for Windows/OSX/Linux and sell it
  30. Monetise a YouTube account
  31. Offer programming skills on eLance or ODesk
  32. Find work you can do from home through LinkedIn
  33. Create and monetise a social media site
  34. Create a popular social media account and then sell it on
  35. Build and sell websites on webmaster forums like Digital Point or Warrior Forums
  36. Buy websites, grow them, then sell them on for more
  37. Use paid-to-review websites
  38. Buy domain names and then sell them on for more
  39. Day trade in stocks and shares
  40. Offer video editing skills
  41. Offer consultation for business/anything else really
  42. Offer to publish writers’ works as eBooks then keep a percentage of sales
  43. Run a competition
  44. Create music tracks and sell them on iTunes
  45. Create music tracks then charge for companies to use them in videos/on their websites
  46. Take photography and sell it through a stock photography site
  47. Create a piece of software that automate any of these jobs
  48. Generate and sell mailing lists
  49. Create a shop on Etsy
  50. Create an item with 3D printing and then sell it using a site like Shapeways
  51. Sell libraries for programmers to use in their own programs
  52. Give something away for free – such as a fan game or a piece of code – and then ask for donations
  53. Create and sell website templates
  54. Offer to convert websites into apps
  55. Record voice-overs for businesses
  56. Run an online talent agency
  57. Buy and sell work – get paid to create a website on Digital Point, then pay people less to do it through GumTree
  58. Play Bingo
  59. Create a paid links directory
  60. Create an online magazine and then charge for subscriptions

Whew, so there you have it! Sixty different ways to make money online. But if you don’t find anything you like there, remember that almost any of them can be tweaked to suit you more. Don’t want to convert websites into apps? Then why not convert apps into websites? Or books into websites? The only limit here is your imagination, so get out there and get earning money!

Jenny Wadlow is a freelance blogger by profession. She can be the best guide when it come comparing life insurance.  Her other interests lie in shopping and painting. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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Jason Haddad is a technical consultant and a freelance blogger. A voracious reader, he keep himself updated about the latest technological developments around the world.



  1. Ahmad

    July 25, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    Awesome complete list, many thanks for that.
    I would like also to add, that within each “Way” on the list their are also other things that could be listed… opportunities never end

  2. Art

    November 27, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    Great post!
    Fiverr is an amazing site both for people looking to outsource projects and the ones wanting to make money. It is in the top 200 sites in the world at the moment and it has 1.3 million gigs. It is definitely the future 🙂

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