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6 Ways to Grow Your Business without Spending Money

As an entrepreneur, you often need to create strategies to grow your business. The problem comes when all the ideas that come to mind require significant investment and that is a moment when you have to stop your plans. To gradually grow, we bring you these six ways to boost the growth of your business without spending money.

Talk to Your Acquaintances

Your first clients should be your friends and family, they have the confidence to tell you what they like or not about your business so that you can adapt, improve and polish it. It is important that they are close people who are not afraid to tell you the truth and you are not bothered to hear it.

“Take advantage of your friends so that they can refer you, customers. If you have already convinced your friends and family, they can help you with more friends who see you as a solution” Martin E. Colon, a financial writer at, says. So your first customer base and your business will grow.

Do not forget to establish close contact with each of them so that they continue referring you. Think of places you have gone for a recommendation, maybe your favorite restaurant, your ideal clothing, music, or shoe store.

Focus on Your Client

If you make advertising efforts that speak to everyone, your message won’t end up convincing anyone. It is important to know clearly who your customers are and, if necessary, make your business only speaks to them.

Think of a niche, for example, a store where they only sell collectibles for movie lovers. It is a very specific store, but certainly, any movie buff that enters it will be fascinated and end up buying something.

If your business offers something like that, the customer base may grow slowly, but you’ll see that those who buy will become your customers for a while. It is about offering a product to a few people and gradually reaching more customers.

Imagine that you sell vegetarian food, your first effort is to make it known among the community that does not consume meat, perhaps through social media groups, friends, or acquaintances who share that philosophy, and then your efforts could go to more people to dare to try your food free of animal abuse.

Diversify Your Products

It is true that you have an idea of ​​a business and what you can offer, but do not be adamant about the idea of ​​changing or offering something you are being asked for. If you see an opportunity in it, why don’t you do it? Of course, there are several possibilities to offer products or services without the need to invest a dollar.

Let’s say you have a grocery store and it is the ideal space to offer bread, so you can talk to the baker in the area to offer your pieces and only pay for the ones that were sold. Surely he will accept an offer because it means another space to display his products. Something similar happens in the case of offering telephone top-ups, you can offer them without buying a balance in advance and receive a commission for each balance sale you make.

Use Social Networks

Maybe you already know this tip, but you don’t see results in it. Think of simple but powerful strategies to increase your customer base, visits, or online purchases.

Go with the trends in social networks, your Facebook, Twitter, or the Instagram page may be attracted to the content, jokes, or offers that you have published and thus attract more people through them.

A very clear example of taking advantage of the networks is that of a coffee shop in Mexico City. They asked their clients to share the visits on their networks and write a review for a free drink. This was how their fan base grew and more and more people dared to visit them.

You can implement something similar for your business such as contests, gifts, and photos, and even offer quality content that makes you look like a connoisseur of your product or service.

Take Advantage of Digital Fame

Research on social networks who are spokespersons related to your brand. You may not be very convinced of the issue of influencers, but the truth is a tendency to promote a brand and many of them, usually the smallest, do not charge and only ask for gifts for promoting a product.

Why don’t you give your product to famous people on the Internet? Of course, think about who would serve you as your brand ambassador, whether he speaks to those who are your potential clients and or he is taken into account. Approach those who have less than 10,000 followers to be able to close a direct deal with them.

Avoid those influencers who have more than 100,000 followers because, usually, they involve an agency, they charge for that service and it is often difficult to prove that this collaboration work. It is easier to see it with “micro-influencers” because you can measure people’s responses to collaboration.

Make Your Business Genuine

If there are customers who arrive by chance, it is very important to be remembered. If you are unique, you can show that you offer something different from big corporations, franchises, and businesses you find in any commercial field.

If you prove that you are genuine, you are yourself and not a square shop, you will find your audience captive. The one who feels understood by your brand and what you do to mark a trend in your field can refer.

In a modern world where everything is almost always the same, making a difference will attract customers. Just do not forget to create more personal and human relationships, remember that you are not a faceless corporation, but a human that provides a service or product that solves a problem. Then behave to show it.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to grow your business without investing in a currency, think about which one best suits your needs and if you are willing to invest time in them. Of course, over time, you will need to spend a little to increase your customer base and boost your sales.

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Diane H. Wong is a business coach. She likes producing articles for a service where you can get essay help online. In this case, she has her own pages on some web sites. It gives her an opportunity to share her knowledge with others.

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