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6 Ways Mobile App Development Fuels Digital Marketing

The world is witnessing a significant paradigm shift. A shift from offline to online dimensions. Smartphones have become an inevitable part of everyday lives. People are spending 70% of their day in acquaintance with digital media. Researches show that 80% of the time spend on digital media is taken up by applications, and this is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Mobile apps have significant space in marketing strategies due to their growing significance. Let’s ponder how mobile app development is fuelling the digital marketing strategies like never before.

Reaching Out Made Easy

The Internet has made the world smaller. Once you invest in developing a mobile app for your business, connecting with the local market will be quicker. Equipping them with a link will make this possible. In-app click-through rates have shown a sharp increase according to Forbes recently. It exceeds the mobile web click-through rates(0.58% compared to 0.23%), which sounds pretty promising. It is time to adjust the limelight to the in-app advertisement techniques. Some of the in-app advertisement methods are

  • Interstitials – Pops up covering the entire screen with interactive content and attention-grabbing visuals.
  • Static or animated banner – It is the cheapest and easiest in-app ad to be used on any screen.
  • Expandable ads – Here a banner turns into an in-app interstitial on clicking.

Tracking Made Easy

With the advancement in mobile app usage, the necessity of measurement also showed up. The market is streaming with tracking platforms and advertising analytics. Tune, Adjust, AppsFlyer, and Kochava are some of the leading tracking platforms. Some of the key metrics to make sure that your marketing strategy is functioning well and leading the customers further down the funnel are:

  • Cost-per-action.
  • Install-to-action.
  • Key characteristics of the paying user.

Analytics is necessary to understand the efficiency of any strategy or tool.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications is an efficient way of marketing with the help of the mobile application. It facilitates your message to appear directly on the user’s screen which is a reason for the increase in success rates for this tactic. Push notifications if utilized wisely will function as a useful tool in your marketing strategy. Some of the areas taken care by push notification are:

  • User Interaction
  • Easy Communication
  • Introducing new features and user loyalty
  • Timing dispatches of messages
  • Analysis

Personalized services

Mobile app personalization drives engagements and conversions. Moreover, the users expect the app to be personalized for them, and this is the sole reason why you should consider doing it. In the end, it’s all about customer satisfaction. Observing the usage patterns provides a set of data which will bolster the personalization. For example, Airbnb monitors the travel patterns and behavior of its users and create a much more personalized output during the next encounter. In other words, the app evolves with every usage making it a powerful tool which compels the user come back to experience the swag.

Improving the Revenue Potential

Mobile applications will help in the marketing strategies of any business to create lasting effects on the users. This impression will leave your customers happy and will create a higher demand which in turn contributes to the revenue income. They do it through

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Solid business relationship with customers
  • Quality customer service

With the introduction of many features like push notification, the information passing is made a lot easier and quicker which eventually makes the whole process of marketing, sales and profit making to happen at a faster pace.

Better Platform for Branding

The lion’s share of the population around the globe have access to the internet and smartphones. So what better way to run an ad through the smartphones than any other media. This is the ongoing trend in the digital marketing industry. A mobile app accentuates the visibility and availability of a brand. Since smartphones bring the whole world at your fingertips, branding through apps become more than justified and productive.

Digital marketing is witnessing the mobile app wave today. Some of the apps even became a necessity rather than a luxury in people’s lives. Utilizing the app development techniques to develop the perfect app and deploying it into the market to harness the expected outcome is the trending marketing strategy these days.

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Premjith leads the Digital Marketing team at Aufait Technologies, a top-notch SharePoint development company and UI UX Design Company in India. He also heads the SEO team at Mindster, a frontier mobile app development company in India. With his 4 valuable years of experience in online marketing, he helps clients expand their online presence and mushroom novel business ideas.

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1 Comment

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